Yun Chi successful high school physics tutoring cradle of Hefei
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Coming summer 2010, students ushered in the holiday. But as a senior high school students, their annual summer vacation is the best time for extra-curricular extra lessons. Therefore, when summer vacation time, but also tutoring students to choose the most tense moments. Yun Chi physics tutor with excellent quality of teaching and training in the summer each year, creating an intellectual education run one after another new high, in Hefei, the more extra-curricular physical counseling are among the best. Yun Chi founded 2007, physical education, the past few years has focused on high school physical education, especially concerned about the physical entrance examination, to participate in counseling students to improve exam results, so that physical results can be excellent play in the entrance, is run intellectual Physics Education The highest goal. Yun Chi through extra-curricular physical guidance, many students have a significantly improved performance, for example, one of the sophomore students in Hefei Zhai Xu, as a student in the experimental class, master class, clouds, very competitive, in order to maintain the results, Di Xu participated in the 2009 summer run of physical intellectual counseling, after summer school for the first time in the simulation test, the physical to the examination of the seventh class. The middle of the semester to engage the computer won the first prize competitions, and has received a college entrance examination plus very special treatment, but subject to certain of cultural studies. After the race, but also insist on learning has been attendant, the final exam to 89 minutes of physical test, ranked sixth in the experimental class. Run to improve student achievement is the most powerful intellectual quality of physics teaching instructions. The rapid progress of student achievement highlights the excellent quality of its teaching and the unique teaching model, Yun Chi has three major characteristics of the physical original of the "Xin-type physical model of problem-solving method", first of all to establish top-down knowledge, students of physical knowledge to achieve mastery, ever remember; Second, problem-solving model is highly concentrated, so that students of a school will be; In addition, the model Jieti method also involves the training of physical thought, a comprehensive summary of the physical learning methods and system. Therefore, to obtain a distinctive teaching. Formed a professional and efficient system of teaching practice. In this under the guidance of teaching methods, making each of the students participate in the study achieved excellent results. Yun Chi proved the physical ability to improve student learning and achievement has a significant role in promoting. New heights of excellence On the existing achievements, intellectual physical education will be run more full of enthusiasm into the work in 2010, before the summer vacation, and fully prepared to do all students, increase faculty input power. He Xin, senior physics teacher in the experience under the guidance will improve student achievement to add new chips.
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