Mr. Jiang
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Individual information

Picture news

Number: 3545 full names: Mr. Jiang
Sexual distinction: Male birth date: 1972-06
Nation: Appearance of politics of the Han nationality: Party member
Come from province: Guangxi title grade: Elementary school one class teacher
Graduate school: Portion of predecessor of eye of Guangxi Normal University: Leave one's post teacher of junior high school
What learn major: Physical report teachs, educational management, current record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning graduates
Teach the school: Be not average junior high school of this city city to teach course: Physics
Of school age: 15 years
Domestic abode: Promote peace
Hold a post area: New city
Land time recently: 2008-9-8 13:47:44

Family education information

Foreign language specialty: English grade does not have mandarin: Standard
Can teach way: The teacher comes, student comes, coach on the net, talk things over coach experience: 3 years
Can teach course: Elementary school abstruse number, elementary school maths, elementary school Chinese, first one dyad learns first, first one first 2 physics, first one first 2 chemistry, first one first 2 abstruse number, first 3 physics, first 3 chemistry
Can teach area: New city, promote peace, changjiang Delta, city north, always new, inside education area, zhou Yi comes 5 in the evening, day is round-the-clock Saturday
Ego description:
Specialty reveals: Oneself are engaged in first 3 physics teacher and student 10 old, successful, annual in take an examination of achievement to all be inside city front row
Family education experience:
Student evaluation:
Education achievement: Reached 4 to had coached 2006 2004 first 3 students, just all take an examination of went up key middle school, coach to be in again systematization, the key is outstanding. The method is agile. Get parent student reputably
Firewood fulfil standard: Water gauge of fuel of net of executive sunshine family education is accurate

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