90 hind entrant needs " self-educated " economy course (graph)
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Just put point out, program of conduct financial transactions is the foundation that lays next bearing fruit to give the individual in the future financial management. Undergraduate mutual do not vie on consumption level, internet bar of all sorts of parties, bubble, outer rent a house these are cost in order to give many time and money.
So how conduct financial transactions? Just put think, the undergraduate ought to establish program of essential conduct financial transactions, the economy with good nurturance is used to, in order to increase economy capacity of the undergraduate, accomplish consumption of rational ground, designedly.
Below the situation that does not affect school work, the undergraduate can participate in some of society more to carry out an activity as far as possible, can earn a few living cost for oneself on one hand, learn incidental expenses, the society that still can exercise oneself on the other hand suits and viability, what only real sense got make money is not easy, ability can take conduct financial transactions seriously in the life.
Just put citing to say, if make family education, conduct a sightseeing tour,the undergraduate can choose according to his actual condition, guide buy, dining-room service, commodity is sold continuously etc. Do a part-time job to basically rely on to sell his time, spend money very hard will make money, because the undergraduate won't have very much stockpile commonly, because this is not overmuch. From economy investment learns for, the part-time job is one does not need to advance the pure appreciation means of any capital, and have what risk sex hardly. This kind of conduct financial transactions " appreciation " means, a when should make undergraduate economy weigh