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"> Be born in Hunan the Cao Xiangfan of constant heart country, this year already 40 years old, he attended the university entrance exam for the first time 1987. In 20 years of time of after this, besides getting age limitation and body account, he attended the university entrance exam brokenly 13 times, went up a few times specialized subject line or this 3 lines, but he abandoned. Because be obsessed with at the university entrance exam, the wife a few years ago and he divorced, the divorce reason that the wife offers is, attend the university entrance exam year after year, do not take care of a family.
"Around 20 years, attended so much second the university entrance exam, do not feel cheesed? One's deceased father do not get on an university to do not have other way? " the query that faces a reporter, his answer is: "Male like China sufficient, the match often is defeated, still can be year answer one year the ground is kicked. They also want to win. They also want to win..
This kind " be defeated repeatedly repeatedly battle " spirit also let him become the university entrance exam to star greatly. CCTV " collective attention " , " news receives a visitor hall " , Hong Kong phoenix is defended inspect " world of changes in temperature " in, he became a distinguished guest.
2007, cao Xiangfan is taken an examination of went up schools, this is very far from his desire. "Take an examination of on the life aim that key school is me, so my ground answer are read. " Cao Xiangfan says, "Last year the university entrance exam, I am developed badly also, obtain specialized subject line only. But I think carefully, take an examination of again later, estimate or cannot attend key college. Fast 40 years old, played to be not moved, do not play, read aloud a three-year institution of higher learning to get. Read aloud a three-year institution of higher learning to get..
Before reading aloud three-year institution of higher learning, the Cao Xiangfan that never has attended a college became the favorite of family education market however, he begins since 1998 first, husband of high school student teachs, can earn 30 thousand yuan two every year. Family education still is his main economy origin nowadays. "People says my book reads aloud not up to much, but I can teach children a very good study method, teach like Sun Haiping circle in the air run 110 meters of column. Teach like Sun Haiping circle in the air run 110 meters of column..
Cao Xiangfan says, come this Fuzhou is the issue that should discuss screenplay with another friend, story draw materials is experienced at his. "The assistant of song of celebrated director Chen Kai has been contacted with me, want to give money to buy my play. "
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