Family education market, both sides of supply and demand all expects a standard
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This summer vacation lets undergraduate small king earn sufficient the living cost of one semester, family education job is relaxed and happy, summer vacation ends, small Wang Hai gets student parent 100 yuan award. Like Xiaowang, in holiday, a lot of undergraduates chose teaching in home this profession, however the lag as a result of regulations system, on management, undergraduate family education still is in " without foreword " condition.
Safe hidden trouble:
Student parent is right capacity of family education staff not examine and verify
First teaching in home appears with the identity of part-work and part-study system, and domestic condition is pretty good, professional now in also joining family education procession to buccal undergraduate, besides accumulate social experience, outside exercising humanness to conduct oneself in society, not low income also is one of main reasons that the undergraduate devotes into family education industry. According to investigation, undergraduate family education is an unit with the hour, the price of elementary school family education goes to 20 yuan in 15 yuan, the price of family education of junior high school is in 20 go to 25 yuan, the price of high school family education goes to 35 yuan in 30 yuan. Compare with this photograph, the price of artistic family education is higher, art of the university entrance exam goes to 60 yuan for 30 yuan commonly, the musical instrument such as piano goes to 120 yuan 80 yuan, dancing kind go to 80 yuan 50 yuan. Take an examination of in, competition of the university entrance exam is increasingly intense, let parents happen to coincide the ground chose teaching in home, each big homemaking company also brings into family education service project. Family education market presents picture of one clique prosperity, the conduct propaganda of the crossroads near flourishing block, college, village board can see family education information, family education intermediary more stick family education invite applications for a job to the college the most conspicuous place.
On August 26 morning, the reporter conduct propaganda in some college board on see orgnaizations of a part-time job learning couplet, family education of undergraduate of invite applications for a job, information member and in personnel of officer concurrent post, the information of this orgnaization member keep going to handbill of a place of strategic importance in the student hand of pass by. The reporter dialed the telephone of this intermediary orgnaization with the undergraduate's identity, staff member introduction, information of a family education 50 yuan, horary price is discussed by student and parent, student foretaste is told, try say failure, this orgnaization provides information of the 2nd family education freely, find family education to work till the undergraduate, if the undergraduate thinks the part-time job makes two teaching in home, must pay brushstroke information fee again; Family education information member it is 120 yuan / day, working hours is 6 hours, deduct a percentage from a sum of money of information of a family education 10 yuan, when registering, the undergraduate needs to carry Id and student's identification card only.
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