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Report from our correspondent (ginger of exercitation of chief correspondent Huang Zeyu be good at) " since grandchildren after coming, our life rule was broken completely. This not, do not carry be laid up. " on August 28, the king father's elder brother that brings li of village outpatient department to accompany an old partner to make an a bit in blessing of Great Harmony city says.
Be king uncle does not love grandchildren? Either! "Small grandchildren this year 6 years old, in the nursery school on Taiyuan. Had a holiday, his dad Mom should go to work, see him without time, send so here came. " mention life of this summer vacation time, old two are used " busy " will describe, "Accompany grandchildren to learn piano in the morning, dismiss midday sleep, work in family education afternoon, in the evening even for company sees cartoon... " before Wang Da as form of a address for an official or rich man 10 years, retire, this year 66 years old, the hobby hits shadowboxing. Plan to take the advantage of this to grow long summer originally, communicate kongfu of ability to walk one time with a few old fellow well, but grandchildren comes, plan complete bubble soup. "Nevertheless, can enjoy enjoy family happiness, tired dot also is indifferent to! Tired dot also is indifferent to!!
A form of a address for an official or rich man like Wang Da actually such old person is not little. Summer vacation, young father and mother because the job is busy, either remand the child native place, receive the old person him home namely, can take care of the child not only so, also can do chore incidentally at the same time. Live in Ms. Liu of road of Daqing of Great Harmony city to tell, "After child grandma came, reduce many burdens to us, because the job is busy, child grandma accompanies a son to be mixed in the study in the home, amuse oneself take care of daily life, we also are at ease. We also are at ease..
Reducing burden of young father and mother while, a few old people also to reporter teem their bitter water. "Age is old, the body is washed-up, attend the child more and more demanding also, take care of even oneself even sometimes come nevertheless. The child all the day make a row