City of focusing Zhejiang lake 80 hind authoress group rise abruptly
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"> city of   focusing lake 80 hind authoress group rise abruptly
- observation reporter Qi Yongye
This year on July 13, include famous literature episode " Han Bai Zhi is contended for " Bai Ye of essayist of literature of courtyard of division of company of one of leading role, China; Zhejiang is saved assist vice-chairman, " Changjiang Delta " Yuan Min of magazine chief editor; Wild goose of express of well-known poet thunder; Wu Xiuming of director of Zhejiang university Department of Chinese Language and Literature; Shaanxi is saved assist vice-chairman Li Guoping inside essayist of 40 home of Yu Weizhi master, literature assemble in Changjiang Delta, in the town that fills culture details in, they talk laugh at Hong Ru, they show a character. Red-blooded the literary community with passion, by the center that they mentioned a topic.
Distinguished personages of the literary world people the city that assemble in, be known as namely " humanitarian armour the world " and " in the center of heaven " culture famous city: Lake city.
Distinguished personages of the literary world people discussion topic, the lake city that cuts a figure in contemporary the literary world in recent years namely " 80 hind " authoress group.
Humanitarian environment be pregnant with is ideal
Lake city, it is a very distinctive place.
Drive car gallops going up to the freeway of lake city from Hangzhou, before one minute still is on any account rise and fall, of see everywhere emerald green color upland. Hind one minute turns with respect to peak loop, be suddenly enlightened. An abundant place with an easy and comfortable rich and popular, with Jing colourful means appears in the reporter at the moment.
Such place, suit take care of oneself, suit chant, those who suit humanitarian ideal is rooted, gemmiparous.
The person says: "The world of Guilin landscape armour " . But respecting is humanitarian, can say to go up " armour the world " , ought to be lake city. Compare with Guilin photograph, the name of lake city is not big, but its humanitarian value follows Guilin landscape same, also be unrivaled.
Here is the place with most home of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Bound of painting and calligraphy has an opinion early: Picture history has Chinese book city person writes the lake half.
Here gave large quantities of one literature great master, the Tang poetry that Fu child all knows " chant of boy far away from home " lake city person is written, " 3 character 2 pat " medium " 2 pat " lake city person is written, contemporary and famous reportage " song heart Bach guesses " also lake city person is written. Still have the Mo Kewen a person of extraordinary powers such as Liu Yu, Wu Chengen, Zhang Zhihe, Su Dongpo, Yan Zhenqing ever city of lake of long-term make one's home in, suffer the edify of local article landscape, creation gives countless letter piece an excellent work.
Went out to collect books here the archaic bibliophile that builds Guo Chaoting, what also gave influence world is modern private bibliophile. Went out to be law of Chinese delibrate order for goods here, " chart of the four tones of classical Chinese phonetics " , in order to make the same score, on, go, the scholar that decides charm into the four tones of classical Chinese phonetics.
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