Give birth to society of redound of free family education miserably
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Tang Ling's parents leaves other, she follows father to be squeezed in the room of a 14 square metre, can read a book on the bed only usually. 2007, tang Ling with dividing pass an entrance examination high Sichuan university, but father because when got a poliomyelitis, double leg deformity, rely on 300 yuan of pension lives of the left and right sides every months, add father to be admitted to hospital for many times, owed a lot of debt, she is taking admission notice can find no way out, be " for hope add boat " love group found her, in blessing colour aid financially below, stepped into university school gate.
Yesterday, the reporter is in pay a return visit when her, speak of what got last year to aid financially, she still touchs very much: Of blessing colour aid financially, not only in economically offerred me very great help, also make me new experience the warmth of excellent front courtyard in mentally. In the meantime, I tell myself again and again in the heart: After having certain economy capacity later, go to the love that uses oneself helping more students, for the door that more impoverished student open hope.
"During at present I still am learning, without independent economic capacity, I can use him strong point only, in more people are helped besides economy. " as we have learned, cross university school gate, tang Ling becomes the school " young volunteer " the member of association, the thing that does at most is used namely on the weekend or holiday, go near the school article star guard is become to poorer child free family education, teach them knowledge, the personal experience encourage that uses oneself those children; In the meantime, tang Hai undertakes raise donations for a long time, often be on an ave, prepare matter for disaster area raise money. After earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, she not only active inside school raise donations, apply for to head for disaster area to become a volunteer to the school at the same time.
Tang Ling still tells a reporter, she is paying close attention to all the time " for hope add boat " activity, when the activity this year is started, tang Ling is publicized with respect to the community that is in in oneself " for hope add boat " , "Hope person of more good intention can extend aid, consecratory a love helps these children. " Dong Juan of reporter Li Na
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