Pupil reports for duty not to make work this account for this
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">   report from our correspondent yesterday is the day that student of Ba Shu elementary school reports for duty, 4 grade (9) 42 students return the class cheerly the school, they follow other student different, without exercise should give a teacher the examination.
Original, before putting summer vacation, classmaster cropland ice puts a teacher on the ice to call together the parent to arouse: The study task of this semester finishs children first-rately, holiday assigns the written task such as Chinese, maths to them no longer, planned a special mission to them however: Think method earns him " the first pail of gold " .
Hear holiday does not have exercise, parents begin to be startled a bit: "Holiday does not do work, how does study do? " but they are persuaded very quickly by cropland teacher, holiday is the main chance that lets children attend a society to carry out, not again constrained at reading a book.
Parents unlock hands or feet to let the child plan this summer vacation. Sell paper, collect carefe to sell, sell ice cream... the first pail of gold that students think up all sorts of methods to dig his.
Li Hao's classmate in family education Yang Yang draws cousin of 5 years old, become teacher of small family education, every class hour can make 3 money; Tang Caixin follows an aunt to be become in street every day traffic assist diligent, receive the award of the aunt; Home Zhou Peng opened a wine shop, he is handy have trot hall, sweep the floor, brush guest of table, accost, the sweat that uses oneself earned brushstroke wage; Earn most is a student that calls Fang Jun the word, aunt of the side in summer vacation promotes moon cake everywhere, earned 5000 yuan.
Open the day that journal reachs, children earn money him proof the diary of experience, Zhang this, the photograph give teacher. A student hands in a small Zhang to cropland teacher this, above thickly dotted record collect drink