Bureau of education of the Changsha City: The parent is not believed " high comp
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City education bureau: The parent is not believed " high component is affirmatory "
The staff member tells a reporter related bureau of education of the Changsha City, because of the need of the market, society and private those who open " private school " type coachs the class also is to emerge in endlessly, many on-the-job teachers exist previously paid the phenomenon that opens special mess to the student, some teachers are opposite intentionally even in normal schooltime lecture content is withheld somewhat, leave marrow in " private school " on tell, force a student to join " family education home is raised " make up a missed lesson team, will make up a missed lesson regard as one kind is achieved receive a measure.
These teachers also often because of " the home is raised " the open of the class and lax own job, accordingly, in last few years, the the Changsha City teachs a branch to already published relevant policy, prohibit on-the-job fair do pedagogic open family education to coach class, but fair to social education orgnaization and blame do on-the-job teacher to wait private open " private school " type coachs educational class, door of Ministry of Education undertakes very hard superintend and be restraininged to its, wait for a respect to its aptitude, managerial management, need him parent to be differentiated carefully make an on-the-spot investigation.
Affirmatory to so called high component, this staff member is to warn each parent more, exam achievement of the student can get the influence of all sorts of elements, everybody dare make rigid assure to final result of the student, education orgnaization gives commitment to just often leave go out " dud cheque " , of the graph is advertisement effect,