University campus interest is blown " pluralistic wind " the student is very hap
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"> Yesterday, the reporter is in the discovery when institute of politics and law of big, province, Lanzhou hands in northwest division to wait for a college to visit greatly, just term begins, the propagandist column in university campus, newspaper column, the top of a wall, carry boiled water corridor of place, dormitory, stick in the toilet even full help wanted. This advertisement sort is various, all sorts of jobs have, have the member that seek commodity sales promotion, seek family education, look for the member that magazine ask forring is ordered, the have everything that one expects to find that seeks hour work.
Pluralistic advertisement sticks full school, the part-time job appeared to heat up temporarily in university campus. The reporter discovers on a billboard with northwest old division only help wanted has 5 pieces. A lot of students are seeing help wanted, return some student edges to see an edge note telephone number. See these ad, many classmates show strong interest. Law courtyard is in all the time during 4 students small Kang Daxue greatly do a part-time job, accumulated a few experience. He tells a reporter, seeking a part-time job basically is to pass help wanted, pass long-term pluralistic experience, it is not certain that he discovers the message above help wanted true, some are enterprise or business the unit uses high pay to deceive people apply for, the undergraduate must make clear the property of unit of Hunan invite applications for a job, company or intermediary in seeking pluralistic course, seek a job that suits oneself truly, not by temptation of high pay place.
Student: The part-time job exercises ability allowance life
A when fencing Ding Maoshi saves College of the Humanities of institute of politics and law big 4 students, did part-time job of 3 years to work, all multitask such as the member that had made sales promotion of the member that questionnaire is investigated, market are made, accumulated experience of a few works. He tells a reporter, did a part-time job to exercise his each respect ability, wait like gregarious ability, job ability, psychokinesis. The knowledge that through the part-time job he acquires himself is united in wedlock with social practice well, widened oneself intellectual face, know how with others contact with, experienced a lot of work environments, found the job that suits oneself truly finally, to will come obtain employment lays next foundations, still have regular income at the same time. He says, in their class, the fellow student that has 2/3 has had pluralistic experience.
Differ with Xiaofan, the Xiaogao's classmate of institute of northwest division big foreign language does a part-time job basically is to make living cost, reduce parental burden. Home Xiaogao is in a country, domestic income is inferior, tuition basically is to rely on to aid learn loan to solve, although such, still be very difficult in the home, to replace parental help sb to get over a difficulty, he is forced to use after class time and work on the weekend. This also affected his study directly, he tells a reporter big 2 the first semester period end, part-time job of his Ceng Yin is overmuch, two homeworks do not have pass mark.
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