Protective student is safe a heart that join division is normative
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">   report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Hao) come 11 years first castigatory " ethic of profession of teacher of middle and primary school " allot formally in new school year. "Protective student is safe " , " do not talk a hero with the mark " , " boycott is paid family education " be written into pedagogic ethic first.
With the photograph of pedagogic profession ethic of edition was compared 1997, although new normative entry decreases somewhat, but content is abounded greatly however. Old standard asks the teacher asks strictly to the student, and new standard asks the teacher is right aid of photograph of student Yan Ci, become the student's good teacher and helpful friend. Answer except as same as old standard teacher " prepare lessons seriously attend class, correct exercise " outside, new standard still asks the teacher wants to coach seriously student.
New standard emphasized a teacher " teach Yo person " duty, requirement teacher carries out quality to teach, teach students in accordance of their aptitude, education student is good moral, invoke student innovation spirit. Notable is, "The only standard that does not regard an evaluation as the student with the mark " be written clearly into ethic, make the main demand to the teacher.
"Protective student is safe " also be to write a standard first. Health of student of protective student safety, care, safeguarded student rights and interests to become the teacher's elementary profession ethics. "The person that protects a student is safe, it is the teacher's obligatory responsibility " , "Before calamity, abandon a student at irrespective teacher, shi Deyi has a problem surely. " this city teacher expresses when discussing new ethics.
This year, this city begins prohibit fancy teacher is violated