" ethic of profession of teacher of middle and primary school (edited 2008) " re
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"> China of   Ministry of Education teachs Kewenwei committee of whole nation of body labour union
Mix about editing afresh print and distribute " ethic of profession of teacher of middle and primary school " announcement

Teacher [2008]2 date
Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government teachs hall (religion appoint) , teach Kewenwei style (education) labour union, xinjiang production builds corps to teach labour union of bureau, education, concerned branch (unit) education manages (bureau) :
The seventeen great mind that fulfils a party to carry out and Hu Jintao's secretary-general " 8.31 " serious talk spirit, strengthen pedagogic team construction further, the division heart quality that improves team of teacher of middle and primary school in the round and professional level, on the base that seeks an opinion extensively, right the country taught 1997 appoint combine print and distribute with countrywide education labour union " ethic of profession of teacher of middle and primary school " undertook editing, grant now print and distribute, publicize with respect to study and carry out executive job to put forward as follows to ask:
One, the important significance that understands new period adequately to strengthen pedagogic profession morality to build
The teacher is the engineer of human soul, it is teenage student brings passerby into what grow. Thought politics quality of the teacher and professional morality level matter to state of job of moral education of middle and primary school and the health of millions upon millions adolescent to grow directly, matter to the future of future destiny of the country and nation. Strengthen construction of morality of profession of teacher of middle and primary school, raise division heart accomplishment of the teacher, to ensuring the career succeed somebody of the party and socialistic career are healthy, build comparatively well-off society in the round, compose builds socialistic harmony society, implementation the Chinese nation is great revive, have very important sense.
Long-term since, person of Yo of broad teacher teach school, respect dedication of course of study, won the respect of whole society, ceaseless emerge in large numbers gives a batch of type people of another batch of move one to praises and tears in pedagogic team. The Sichuan that happens this year epicenter of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, broad teacher protects shake area daringly student, behaved great division heart mind. Edit below new condition and new print and distribute " ethic of profession of teacher of middle and primary school " , to drive and the paradigmatic teacher that lead broad teacher to teach a system to the whole nation, especially aseismatic provide disaster relief flower model teacher learns, establish great professional ideal, behavior of self-conscious and normative thought and professional behavior, become the teacher that makes people satisfactory, have important real sense.
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