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On August 30, does an observer that calls Song Jiang publish rich guest article " is Zheng deep clean hires Beijing University graduate to do baby-sitter to still make teaching in home? " , criticise Zheng deep clean is taking child hype. The author thinks Zheng deep clean asks Beijing University graduate to become nurse to the daughter, meaning in humiliate Beijing University, those who allude Chinese highest institution of higher learning is graduate the daughter does him admeasure baby-sitter. Song Jiang still thinks Zheng deep clean is taking the child to acclaim son Zheng Yaqi all the time is the victim that its acclaim.
Is know-nothing dauntless?
"Know from me somebody takes the child to serve as his ' hype ' victim when, the person that I call Zheng Yuan clean to that feels disgusted very and be fed up with, look down on him. " on September 1, song Jiang publishs Bo Wen " of Zheng Yuan clean "