Add foreign citizen of Chinese origin to emigrate 7 years to accomplish project
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"> in       report occupied new network on September 5 Canada " round-the-world China newspaper " report, somebody suggests to describe abroad immigrant, be just as from a basin one plant flowers and plants Neiliangen uproots, transplanting arrives in another basin. Even if of that plant flowers and plants grows again flourishly inside foregoing basins, in transplanting process also hard to avoid should suffer some of loss, besides survives carried even inspect the development state of affairs in new soil.
Every new immigrant is initiative face the attend school, choice that work or opens a firm oneself, this is indispensable with respect to the transplanting process that is just like flowers and plants. The specific requirement of everybody is different, with respect to the choice that can have each other. To technical immigrant, although work, also have major and the branch that are not major. Immigrant of Mr Cen Hui comes 9 years, had worked, also had run the company of electric power respect, have even check and accept signature qualification, but he or the transnational corporation that choose raw material of a management chemical industry, 7 years become project officer. Difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart, the technology that he pursues is particularly professional, listen go up water of a mist; But the route that he walks over, what realize the truth that come out, smooth however fact is interlinked.
Without the engineer of the mobile phone
If interviewing a month to follow Cen Hui (Robert Cen) connection, still can use a machine only, regard the high electric power of a famous transnational corporation as the engineer, he does not have the individual's mobile phone all the time. It is madam of not long ago washs out old mobile phone only, just make he had. This is not him for be economical, and the condition of a kind of life that the specification is in Canada: Ground of an idea when going to work works, when coming off work quiet the ground that do not have faze crosses easy life of a small family.
Speak bluntly of a surname brightness, do not have when home black do not have in vain busy business, perpetual dinner party, cannot return the home almost everyday sometimes, have meal bureau outside. It is mysterious that the sort of environment does not have a mobile phone, return good name its say " can busy it is blessing " . And nowadays had a fixed job in Canada, without so complex human relations in society, need not cope with all sorts of dinner parties, can the heart is not had by look for. Want to not be away on official business to go to work in Wengehua only, can allow every day bit come home, this is accomplished hard when home again, the ground of the use force that has a mobile phone so naturally with respect to delicacy.
Come home on time of course can rich madam is glad, in Canada this kind of gregarious and finite environment falls, think undeserved model man is bad. At the beginning of emigrating 1999, cen Hui and madam still do not have child, after add, stay together long, had two with respect to in succession one female, this perhaps is one of the biggest gains that Cen Hui's couple is imposing a state.
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