Know be thankful, poor child learning has power more
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">   because family circumstances poor, they do not have a law to resemble a lot of with age person same, ask family education to coach school work, partake even sometimes the important task that takes care of a family. But, annual in September, they can blossom in university campus however smile. They, come from Shanghai long grand model middle school -- the school that this city provides completely free education first times for impoverished family student.
This year, rate of undergraduate course of first when when this school is founded, recruit 156 students the university entrance exam is amounted to 94.87% , among them 3 people are admitted by Beijing University and Tsinghua university respectively. In their eye, come 7 years, of the love beside lift, than simple school work take lessons after school or work, can encourage oneself to advance more.
The teacher makes model to me
Compulsory take lessons after school, it is very much long the one's duty thing of grand teacher. Tall 3 annual, mr. Shi Yaxin is used double cease day gives a classmate freely filling difference of fill a vacancy, who to want to feel physical study has difficulty only, can go special mess. Every week of 3 " psychological morning is met " , apply a teacher to be able to organize classmates to talk about a target together, say to baffle. Newly-married of young mathematical teacher Li Linlin before long, have not enough time to have honeymoon, answer for the student in the classroom after school everyday doubt dispels doubts, in the evening 78 when just come home. English of the university entrance exam got Fang Jiajun 141 minutes, but it is before the university entrance exam before long, he is successive a few times English imitate studies result not ideal. English teacher Wang Meihua helps his one Zhang Zhang examination paper analyse a problem, give him formulate " assemble for training " plan, encourage him to use self-confident take an examination.
"Our teacher is true too respect property, they let me what know is sense of responsibility " , fang Jiajun says. Maternal body of Xiaofang contracts cancer, be ill abed for a long time, family life relies on father to do casual to maintain. Everyday early in the morning, he is good to maternal decoct it is medicine, good to arrange the room goes to school again, and as school group appoint propagandist head of a department, school work is again busy, his burn the midnight oil also wants to complete the work, this he is fastened to admit by Beijing University French with high component of 545 minutes.
The society teachs me to know be thankful
Dismiss book of tuitional, incidental expenses, book cost, activity cost, lunch cost, school uniform is expended... the chance that national investment gave these poor children a read a dream, and long grand model middle school runs a school up to now, it is to be aided financially by the society with constant in a steady stream more, accept donate accumulative total to amount to more than yuan 3800, u.S. dollor 100 thousand yuan. A few days ago, the outstanding student of these adversity grow into useful timbers obtained what take advanced courses further to assure again -- new establish " fellowship of small sheep electric equipment " will give outstanding tall 3 graduate one-time award or aid financially.
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