Channel Metropolis Daily - sina investigation: Pedagogic profession status how?
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">   will receive the 24th teacher's day of our country on September 10, 2008, can you send a greeting to the teacher in teacher's day, do you feel teacher this profession status how? What view does teacher itself have again? Want to know the answer, the questionnaire that joins us now is investigated! At term begins first, channel of education of sina of combination of channel Metropolis Daily is rolled out " pedagogic profession status how " . This investigation is restricted parent of Fujian Province teachers and students replies, the thank cooperates, welcome everybody to poll eagerly. If you have your view and point of view to this, you also can attack here to publish a comment.

Teacher's day is investigated -- student parent coils
1, the identity
StudentThe parent
2, the age
21-3031-4041-5050 years old of above
3, the child (oneself) read year
Nursery schoolElementary schoolMiddle schoolTechnical secondary schoolUniversity (contain three-year institution of higher learning)
4, if you are met,the blessing serves to the teacher in teacher's day, what kind does general meeting take?
Hair short messageSend greeting cardCall greetingBuy a gift
5, do you think today pedagogic social class how?
A year taller than a yearMore and more not tallGeneralBad to say
6, encounter trouble, do you meet bewilderment or glad thing say with the teacher?
7, do you feel disgusted most is the teacher following the sort of behavior?
Part-time jobFamily educationPhysical punishment studentAsk for gold
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