Attention nods 3: Self-conscious boycott is paid family education
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Self-conscious boycott is paid family education
Do not use a post obtain expedience, clean-fingered, consecratory, control a society the standard of old Shi De such as undesirable ethos uses a word mediumly, include the 5th in new castigatory standard " humanness a person of exemplary virtue " in, but change basically with the word, make clear in new standard: "Clean-fingered act according to fair. Self-conscious boycott is paid family education, do not use a post obtain expedience " .
"Open special mess " the opportunity was done not have
In the division heart standard that increases newly, "Self-conscious boycott is paid family education " be chosen to be a the most mysterious by the citizen. In more than most probably citizen the first experience in, fear those did not enter academic school namely, strive for high grade degree, enjoy the students of natural resources of high grade education, the likelihood makes even the division that ask a name family education opened the aspirant opportunity of special mess to be done not have. And in citizen memory, paid family education is to not be willing to do all along " poor teach artisan " teachers by him ability, in teaching job and own job, win the way of extra income with his arduous labor. "Say the teacher is self-made, raise economic income level, also become immoral? " lose in afraid students " open special mess " opportunity while, the citizen can'ts help be teachers querulous.
Educational group:
Boycott family education is inferior to raising wage
Get the door of Ministry of Education that seek and teachers yesterday calm bear, at present really partial teacher is engaged in paid family education, groom etc is one of forms only. Guangzhou each school emphasizes a teacher wanting to establish correct philosophy, viewpoint of value when Shide is taught ceaselessly, with " life value is monetary system not merely come out now " requirement teachers are happy to dedicate. But, just also say in standard of no less than " self-conscious boycott " same, outside the circumstance that besides influence one's job this hillock works, it is good to limit the teacher that did not boycott self-consciously very hard teacher. From another angle for, paid the inadequacy that the reality that family education exists also reflects a pedagogic get one's own back. Teach the regulation in imitate, pedagogic pay should be equivalent to the standard of national official, in fact, both difference is quite big. Pedagogic profession asks a lot of teachers from early busy to evening, graduate especially the teacher of the class, but at present the school links noon break administration fee every are unripe everyday 1 yuan collect fees make many parents malcontent, this kind of teacher cannot get the state of appropriate social class, proper redound, decided to ask to boycott family education to be inferior to cogent rise religion

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