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">   reporter yesterday (3) day learns, difficult student subsidizes the economy of family of seismic heavy disaster area that integrates in Ministry of Education besides policy, countrywide each college comes on stage in succession " individuation " aid financially new student of policy care disaster area.
Beijing University is rolled out technically for student of Sichuan heavy disaster area " Sichuan swallow " special exhibition. The student with particularly difficult economy of Tsinghua university family, can obtain every year each of all kinds aid financially amount to amount to 11000 yuan. Fudan University the student to individual and special difficulty, can distribute the 300 lash-up to 500 yuan fund. Shanghai traffic university holds water " aseismatic provide disaster relief special aid fund " , use at lasting to aid financially the new student that is affected in shake calamity and old boy.
Southwest university is rolled out " oneiromancy " indulgence gives aid to the action, enter a school of disaster area new student reports for duty, enjoy tuition of the first school year to be avoided completely namely, allowance of first months of living cost give aid to. Die to causing a dear one because of shake calamity, the student of building damage, strive for the country during providing 4 years of study to aid learn loan. University and Bank of China leave to talk things over south, utmost strives for a country to aid learn loan, wait for allowance of tuition and accommodation cost derate, extra allowance for living expanses, family plan of allowance of school of row enter a school. Tianjin Normal University raises fund more than yuan 300 are used at difficult newborn allowance, prepared enough be versed in frequently aid learn working station, include family education, enterprise or business unit part-time job and intramural a few kinds of post, the new student of special to having difficulty is first arrangement.
Jiangsu college was united aid financially policy, aid learn loan " should borrow borrow, the top is not sealed on " , ensure the disaster area student that is admitted by Jiangsu college is successful enter a school.
Sichuan university is right come from seismic disaster area and all classmates that lose economic source provide the economic support such as national stipend; To coming from the martyr children of seismic disaster area and orphan, offer include cost of tuitional, accommodation and basic living cost inside attend school charge is aided financially and show loving care for, highest aid financially amount to amount to 13000 yuan / person / year. Southwest nation university executes to disaster area orphan " avoid completely " policy: Avoid learn incidental expenses, avoid accommodation cost, till the university graduates. University of southwest science and technology weighs the student of the student of disaster area and domestic economy difficulty to the earthquake, will make sure its deal with enter a school to register formalities first, again the condition that the basis verifies, fulfil about aid financially policy. (Reporter: Li Wei of trainee of Jiang Yun contain osmund)
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