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Student is elementary information

Student is elementary information
Student number: 103 appellation: Wei student
Sexual distinction: Male attend class address: Guangxi university
Read year: University 3 grade
Student studies a situation: Oneself are Guangxi university maths and applied maths major big 3 students, mathematical strength is first-rate, be interested in mathematical study very much.

Make an appointment central phone:  
When making an appointment, provide the number of this student please: 103

Want to become the average teacher of this family education: Online application falls in this station page.
Want to become the attestation teacher of this family education: Dial make an appointment) of phone 0771—2983712(Mr. Deng. In examine and verify - choose - after affirming, we can contact the most appropriate teacher as soon as possible. .

Family education information
Family education requirement: Without what special requirement, should leave Guangxi university a bit closer only with respect to OK
Ask for advice course: High school maths
Schooltime: Round-the-clock on the weekend and Zhou Yi arrives Zhou Wu in the evening. Basically be maths of high school of junior high school, the help can be provided in physics and chemical respect.
Salary standard: The face is discussed yuan / hour

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