Tall 3 graduate are right of the university entrance exam think over
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After the warlike   the university entrance exam that this is a cruelty ends, I am not willing 3 years when farewell remembers that has gone. I am the person with optimistic, unrestrained case of one individual character, high school is drab and depressive life violates my desire completely. I hope pervious disappears 3 years forever in memory. But now, when the classmates that I see me in quick succession steps into class of take lessons after school, begin more difficult “ tall when 4 ” , I feel the sound that is necessary to give out ourselves. The university entrance exam, brutal all the more to us. The class that I am in has 60 fellow students, obtain line of mark of 2 batch above among them only this is in 11 people —— the middle school that I read has been the top rate that amount to a line, we ” of class of this “ experiment, the fellow student that still has nearly 5/6 and, 2 university does not have a predestined relationship. To a few people, 3 exalted tuition are hard susceptive, and more people are not willing to accept such result. Then they chose take lessons after school. Fair do high school to be allowed to offer class of take lessons after school no longer, but rely on fair the class of take lessons after school that does high school to have a name resource, additionally still open gets flourishing. According to mark of the university entrance exam, my classmates should be handed in expend from the 400 take lessons after school that differ to 8000 yuan. Class of every take lessons after school has 80 students —— I am unthinkable the efficiency that learns below this kind of environment and experience, but I know, army group of so giant take lessons after school can make the competition of the university entrance exam that leaves one year more intense! Come 3 years, almost the interest interest that everybody forgoed him, struggle for course of the university entrance exam with infinite patience and perseverance, but final final result is however, the person that achieves a goal is little and little. The exercises of day after day, incessant back is written down and incomputable sweat even tear, often can not change a piece of admission notice. The optimal effect that “ letting a person does not consider to the intellectual   that learns ” again learns forever should be to let a person fall in love with study. But high school education appeared to produce contrary result: After the university entrance exam ends, we do not want to take those book again, do not be willing to recall the knowledge that ” of those “ thoroughly tempered pass again. Drab, as dry as a chip, it is the basic evaluation of a lot of people to high school course. Everybody has his pursuit and love, the course of the school did not consider this differentia opposite sex however, more of flooey is, the intense competition of the university entrance exam stripped actually the opportunity that we use the ego between empty Yu Shi to develop. Owe in economy the more develop area, mix in inland province the more in a wide place in the road, this kind is restricted more apparent. Still cite my familiar case, in us this north small town, the idea idea of people is very conservative still. Break away from ego of school work, seek to develop to be considered as the behavior of rebel against orthodoxy, be destined to be able to get the double instruction of excellent front courtyard and school almost. To major person, if interest is besides school work, so that the interest that must turn oneself infirmly keeps school work, young perhaps chemical industry will answer his interest. In fact, below groove, school work itself ought to comply with the individual's interest, or at least, give individual character an existent space. Be in the world of ” of individuation of “ of a requirement, the person of thinking become rigid lost better working chance not only, it is better to also was lost live environment. Our country will increase own innovation ability to be hanged in mouth edge, but the patent that we still are buying others, product that uses others. We still are working to produce the advanced position of chain, plod cannot get corresponding redound however. The education of become rigid strangles the natural gift that accepts pedagogue and happiness. It is to have a few people after accepting such education still thinking is active and rich creativity, but in such educational process, more people lost their due freedom and happiness. Want to know, if allow everybody to be able to be below lawful and reasonable premise forward the way that oneself dream develops, people will be gayer than now, have power more. Graduate of a few colleges has the feeling that be deceived, because so old effort did not change an outcome that he expects. If they themselves can choose the way of development at the outset, everything can differ probably. What   did machine-made education bring to us why does intellectual property protection step forward in China dimension difficult? Why borrowed and to why borrowed and build a holiday to be banned repeatedly more than? Because comparative,quantitative person does not feel filch other thought is disgraceful: In the school, they had been been used to probably make standard solution a bit alter the achievement that serves as oneself! A lot of people also did not realize, think to had left them further and further independently. Personalized education is the sufficient esteem to sufferring pedagogue. A person can obtain favorable development environment as a child, be opposite not only individual, also be a good news to the society. The development way that chooses oneself is one the individual's right and freedom, I think, the school and educational system are responsible ensure the option that gets pedagogue is mixed accord with law morality, but they have no right to replace a student to make a choice! Own recruit students: Is progress still a prerogative? From break the university entrance exam the angle of onefold evaluation mode looks, the college is own recruit students is one great progress. But my straight impressions suffers is, this recruit students new channel that developing had become the prerogative of high school of a few areas, a few keys actually. For instance foreign language kind the small language of the university shifts to an earlier date recruit students, qualification signing up mostly the student that demarcate is ” of school of “ provincial experiment. Such limitative regulation lets a person feel helpless, the student that is not experimental school certain and insufficient outstanding? Mere the chance that because of the school that reads ” of insufficient “ level loses an attempt, talk why just, tan Heping. The own recruit students of famous brand university compares a year one year hot. But Yao cannot be reached for this student to remote region. They may be delayed do not rise tall of 3 review time, the likelihood cannot pay travelling expenses and other relevant fee, this road actually not expedite. It is outstanding high school is born likewise, some people have a lot of planting opportunity and choice, some people, can capture ” of “ the university entrance exam closely only however this helps straw. This means —— , former and OK from inside course of onerous the university entrance exam disengagement of in a way comes out, view the world outside, develop oneself interest, and latter can sacrifice only everything goes gain the chance that takes to go. So, a student is to be immersed oneself in merely at book, still have broader view, depend on on one hand individual quality, also mix on the other hand his located society environment is inseparable. When more agile education mode encounters vast area difference, who will ensure that scratch line that already tilted originally continues to tilt no longer? Same question still has the policy that add cent. So called “ is provincial 3 exceedingly ” , “ saves ” of outstanding student cadre to be able to be obtained add cent, had evolved to be each school actually the student of university of famous brand of the most hopeful pass an entrance examination gives add cent, to who the selection process of these two honorary title is public, supervise by who, unmanned and witting. The reform   of the a change in form but not in content teachs ” , “ to decrease negative ” from original “ quality, to the reform of the university entrance exam later, we did not feel differ too much. School work burden as before heavy, the leeway of free development as before small and small, the university entrance exam, press in the mind of everybody like hill as before. Door of society, government, Ministry of Education ought to stand to assume the risk that teachs reform, if mere because fear,error rejects to change, wait to let minor assume responsibility for the society then! The Olympic Games is undertaking getting like a raging fire, but we had how many person to had forgotten the odour of the green grass on field among these high school graduate; How many person puts basketball in the corner, hold the post of it to be enclothed by dirt; Have how many person again, must carry burning sun on the head, hard Gao Sisheng vivid … begins in congested classroom…Some pressure, heavy the burden does not rise.
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