The university entrance exam reads a teacher to risk dead expose inside: The stu
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I am teacher of a middle school, attended the university entrance exam to read this year roll, just understand the university entrance exam reads an ability to be able to call an inequity truly truly! To drive plan, great group leader keeps asking everybody clutchs, a lot of people cannot were in charge of so much, persistently no matter be opposite wrong. Fix each problem originally, ask to a person checks, about from begin the following day, before checking person is absorbed in, medium, hind 3 marks are same, can be in charge of far from correct complex to changing problem. Arrived the last day, our physics group changes, great group leader asks everybody assists the comrade of biology group. Anyway my level goes, look not to know biology examination paper (the teacher that I saw side of one private parts is such also) , just also contrast the mark is added was opposite just. Because I also transform science department integrated 25 problems, I am the 25 problems that saw others change instinctively, do not look not to know, looking can be to frighten really jump, one dot of 8 minutes giving cent, was given 0 minutes by a female graduate student! ! ! ! I turn the head says to that schoolgirl: “ little younger sister, future within an inch of of the family was given to destroy by you. ” this schoolgirl very feel embarrassed, say: “ may be to misread. ”I also was not cared about, check then biology, I the saw another piece of examination paper again 25 problems of divine jab jab, my beat, in same bag examination paper, it is do not have 6 minutes, I had turned again the head says to that schoolgirl: “ little younger sister, you are too careless really! I also see ” , this person is to feel embarrassed very, but before this matter matters to examinee all one's life road problem, how OK such careless? ? I stealthily right beside a teacher that is having 20 old of school age speaks of this thing, he says: “ the day before yesterday when I am checking, had said to her. That schoolgirl changes so that also have a problem on the side of her, do not believe you to search to check casually. I looked for ” really a bag of that woman student that he says in light of, day, I dare not believe really, find 20 minutes unexpectedly, gave 0 minutes, how is she follows this doing not have to understand a student done, referenced answer is to use principle of energy (conversation of energy) give out, and the student does with impulse theorem, gave time of a dummy parameter T, she is done did not understand. Not only such, also find 6 minutes to did not give in same bag examination paper. I change those two female graduate students, the examination paper that is being put beside me searchs completely, there are two to try certificate to 6 minutes are done not have in bag, still need not say to answer 2 minutes and did not give (give cent by dot giving cent) . I think originally them all examination paper give search (everyday portion of *35 of person of *2 of day of 70 bags of *6 tries 50 ~ certificate X2F every bags) beside the teacher says to me, should offend a lot of people so. I find the young group leader beside and that two women really very feel embarrassed, and great group leader also is urging plan, also was forced to calculate. What person is the university entrance exam reads the person that coil to pour a heart? I say to you: , the teacher that the middle school comes to (I consider as best person selected)   2, the teacher with old division (I think disappointing washed-up teacher)     3, the teacher of other college (also return be able to pass)     4, college of Shi Dahe other, 6, 7 days can have 1 more than 1000 yuan pay, it is a higher income. Horse and foot of division big teacher dispatchs, graduate student, special division old graduate student, also be horse and foot dispatchs (oneself are assisted below the teacher that read certificate's insufficient circumstance, not be to developing what money goes (^ _ ^ ) , these and middle school education follow this doing not have how old the person of the relation, become the main force that corrects examination paper however. In the meantime, what let a person harder think of is, my classmate, physics teachs in the middle school, be made change maths. Division big teacher, having is the person that undergraduate course is assigned to work at Alma Mater after graduation partially, teaching experience learns in it doesn't matter, the person that become those who try certificate to guard a pass however (I that group grows even if, instruct the computer, division old undergraduate course graduates) . Still having one share is the grade instructor with old division, do a student to work, do not have the person that matters with education one day, also teach examination paper.
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