Essentials of Gao Sanfu be used to and general plan of sprint of the university
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Flaw of knowledge of division of foundation of article, reason fills rapidly

The tall examination questions of course of foundation of unity and coherence in writing reckons the meeting is easier, of the university entrance exam pulling component is to rely on intellectual dot to whether have flaw, is not the discretion of the difficulty that relies on intellectual control and ability. Because this wants high school only,formulary content does not have intellectual flaw inside limits, when the exam not carelessness, get tall cent likely.

Should have done as follows at 4 o'clock:

One, the intellectual content range that knows high school seriously, correspondence takes an examination of bit of him examination each times to whether still have intellectual flaw, especially the flaw on trunk knowledge must undertake in time remedying. Each knowledge flaw causes a choice title likely to lose cent.

2, the choice problem that should become certain amount to be able to enclothe every to check a place. Do choice title to have 3 big gain: It is to be able to examine the intellectual flaw that gives oneself; The 2 knowledge that can consolidate those are about to forget are nodded; 3 can foster careful to inscribe ability to reconcile problem skill. It is to promote the method with high the most effective mark of the university entrance exam.

3, check the examination paper that has made and exercise, make clear original fault inscribes the gaps and omissions that is what knowledge dot to cause.

4, should have high component consciousness and full marks consciousness. Have more fellow student the mark when ” of “ module exam is very high, so later period loosened pair of foundation course review. This is a kind of wrong way. ABC of article, science department nods much, content wide, forget very easily. If later period does not have enough time investment, success will be quick coast.

So, without giving thought to the classmate of what administrative levels, have like new learning each division invests enough time in that way. The classmate with more fragile course of foundation of original language, science should tilt more time to come up to fundamental course more, the mark of course of foundation of article, reason holds the balance, hope everybody gives enough attention, take an examination of high component or full marks more.