8 years Beijing of the university entrance exam learns collect of achievement of
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8 years Beijing divides fundamental condition high to be as follows:
The high component examinee of 600 minutes of above is in the university entrance exam the course is broken through two years continuously 6000 after National People's Congress closes, fall after a rise comes this year 4000 more than person. The data that comes from Beijing to teach exam courtyard shows, examinee of 600 minutes of above shares the university entrance exam this year 4480 people, compare the 6619 people last year, number of examinee of tall this year section decreases about 3 into. Reporter discovery, include the share such as attached middle school of 4 medium, National People's Congress famous high school divides examinee high to did not decrease. The expert is forecasted, beijing University Tsinghua admits the line that carry file to predict to drop 10 minutes or so in Beijing this year

It is reported, this year the university entrance exam in examinee of 4480 high component, liberal art 494 people, science department 3986 people. Predict Haidian is mixed this year on the west the examinee of 600 minutes of above all has the city 1000 much people. Court of partial area county does chief to divulge, if calculate,go up the university entrance exam adds cent, examinee of 600 minutes of above will reach 4700 much people, among them the examinee of 620 minutes of above 2846 people, its Chinese division 227 people, science department 2619 people; The high component examinee of 650 minutes of above only 957 people, its Chinese division 23 people, science department 934 people.

The reporter understands, although divide examinee gross high to drop somewhat, but this city part is famous examinee of 600 minutes of above did not reduce demonstrative high school not only, increase somewhat than last year instead. Beijing 4 in the examinee of 600 minutes of above reachs 342 people this year, increased than last year 20% . Beijing 2 in the university entrance exam the 189 people of 600 minutes of above, add 30 more than person than last year.

The fall that admits a line this year will bring about recruit students school to carry shelf line to reduce in Beijing directly, nevertheless the expert is forecasted, of line of mark of Beijing University, Tsinghua fall relatively gentle, decrease because of the amount of tall section examinee not big. Partial expert and president of demonstrative high school predict, beijing University, Tsinghua admits a line in Beijing this year, liberal art is reduced in 10 minutes of less than, of science department fall an estimation for more than 10 minutes.

Basis 2008 mark of examinee of Beijing the university entrance exam (contain add cent) distributinging watch shows, whole town 600 minutes (contain add cent) the examinee add up to of above has 4771 people, in course of all the university entrance exam, still 3 divisions appeared full marks examinee, it is liberal art maths, science department maths, science department respectively integrated. East city, two areas exceed the city on the west on 7 become examinee undergraduate course line.
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