University learning is ranked 500 strong, ha Fo is discharged the first
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Domestic name school is not had squeeze into “ top-ranking ”

Hand in try greatly release learning of “ world university to rank 500 strong ”

&D' } . @2 K4 Y) I, j3 V' X2 M, h   is studied by research center of top-ranking university of world of academy of higher education of Shanghai traffic college learning of finished “ world university ranks ”(Academic Ranking Of World Universities independently, abbreviation ARWU) , will this month 15 days release its formally newest 2008 pop chart. Shanghai is handed in tried the newest research achievement such as before releasing learning of “ world university to rank the “ world of 500 strong ” and domain of 5 colleges division 100 strong ” on its website a few days ago greatly. ARWU is the global university rank of first many index of world, the researcher of academy of higher education of Shanghai traffic college was announced on its official net first 2003, after this is updated every year, what already won international society at present is extensive approbate. ? * J) K! @ ! `

In the 500 strong ” ranks of “ world this year, haing Buddha university sits firmly still first an ancient folding chair, in 6 years since ARWU is born, ha Fo in this one locally lofty is not moved. The other member of before this year 10 is ordinal it is Stanford university, California university - university of university of Berkeley, Cambridge, technical institute of Masschusetts Institute of Technology, California, Colombia, Princeton university, Chicago university, Oxford. 4 B: ? 0 P X3 - X) B1 F
To various places the expression in ARWU undertakes statistic is analysed (go up watch) , can see, school of American tradition name has clear advantage, before occupying ARWU 20 85% , before 100 58% , 49.5% before 200. European university because its tradition advantage, in before ARWU 400 before mixing 500 medium scale exceeded American university. Under photograph comparing, the university of Asia-Pacific area is in ARWU the proportion in each groups of other universities is not high, the amount of African university is fewer, the gap with America, Europe is huge. 6 O/ ~- V/ M/ G
The distributinging case that before ARWU 500 universities press a country () issueing a list, share before 37 countries have a rank 500 university, among them great majority is a developed country. As opposite as its economy, science and technology and higher education actual strength should, american university has obvious dominant place, in holding before ARWU 20 85% , before 100 54% medium. After close therewith is British university, hold the proportion that comparative in each groups of universities of the rank.