100 English sides you carry 7000 words on the back
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1. Typical Of The Grassland Dwellers Of The Continent Is The American Antelope, or Pronghorn.

1. America antelope, or antelope of horn weighing fork, it is the prairie animal of this mainland model.

2. Of The Millions Who Saw Haley's Comet In 1986, how Many People Will Live Long Enough To See It Return In The Twenty-first Century.

  2. Among the 1 billion people that saw the Halley's comet 1986, how many person is there can does long life witness its regression in 21 centuries to enough?

  3. Anthropologists Have Discovered That Fear, happiness, sadness, and Surprise Are Universally Reflected In Facial Expressions.

  3. Anthropologist people had discovered, scared, happy, of sadness and amazed metropolis travel at color, this is in complete mankind is applicable to both or all.

4. Because Of Its Irritating Effect On Humans, the Use Of Phenol As A General Antiseptic Has Been Largely Discontinued.

4. Because phenol contains excitant effect to human body, it already basically was regarded as no longer commonly used antiseptic.

5. In Group To Remain In Existence, a Profit-making Organization Must, in The Long Run, produce Something Consumers Consider Useful Or Desirable.

5. If any gain organizations want to live, must produce the product that give consumer to be able to be used or needs finally.

6. The Greater The Population There Is In A Locality, the Greater The Need There Is For Water, transportation, and Disposal Of Refuse.

6. The population of a place is more, its are right water, traffic and the demand that rubbish handles can be jumped over big.

7. It Is More Difficult To Write Simply, directly, and Effectively Than To Employ Flowery But Vague Expressions That Only Obscure One's Meaning.

7. Compendious, direct, strong writing is difficult at flowery, indistinct and the expression with ambiguous meaning.

8. With Modern Offices Becoming More Mechanized, designers Are Attempting To Personalize Them With Warmer, less Severe Interiors.

  8. As modern office increasingly automation, stylist people trying to use relatively warm and not quite earnest in-house adornment to make its have friendly feeling.

  9. The Difference Between Libel And Slander Is That Libel Is Printed While Slander Is Spoken.

9. Slander the distinction with gossip depends on former it is written, and latter is oral.

10. The Knee Is The Joints Where The Thigh Bone Meets The Large Bone Of The Lower Leg.

  10. Knee is femoral the joint with crus leg.

  11. Acids Are Chemical Compounds That, in Water Solution, have A Sharp Taste, a Corrosive Action On Metals, and The Ability To Turn Certain Blue Vegetable Dyes Red.

  11. Acid is a kind of compound, it is had at water in dissolve intense odour and to the metal caustic, and can make dye of certain blue plant erubescent.

12. Billie Holiday's Reputation As A Great Jazz-blues Singer Rests On Her Ability To Give Emotional Depth To Her Songs.
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