Warn the parent: To child goods and materials award should have degree
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The author has a friend, family circumstances still calculates rich. Have one baby son, go up elementary school 3 grade. Last term midterm, the son got a whole class the first, the friend rewards his sport plane, return promise at the same time, if period end is returned the first, send him one goes straight towards 4 computer.
In the light of the friend this kind relies on the educational method of child of drive of goods and materials, the author not approve of. In fostering child process, it is likewise important that material is encouraged and spirit is encouraged. It is OK that spirit is encouraged your child is more self-confident, experience the utterance of parental warmth and admiring eyes, redouble his efforts thereby. Encourage as to material, because the child is small still, difficult bright general principle, corporeal award has certain incentive sex to her, this kind of award very very figure, intuitionistic, can make the child try hard to reach some desire to learn, obtain progress. And once the child's desire is reached, the parent is proper award gives her the gift with her long already longing, let her experience successful joyance, encourage her to continue hard again, do not have not not be a favour to the child so.
But award is not a purpose, assist sexual evaluation however, award is the affirmation that goes up somehow to individual action, award should be used appropriately, use reasonably, otherwise, use award in disorder, can lose the sense with original award instead. Praising award also is a kind of art, the characteristic that the parent wants to be aimed at him child undertakes be praisinged appropriately to the child with award.  
A lot of parents interpret award is the pronoun of the material such as food and toy, that is narrow changed. Generally speaking, reward invigorative award, activity award and corporeal award to wait by student gay. Among them mental award includes smile, attention, applause, praise etc; Mobile award includes to play a card together with mom, go park, taletelling, help packet of dumpling, wash dish, pull a floor board, wipe furniture, see TV, film, circus wait, play a ball with adult, make game together, go eating Mcdonald's to wait together; Corporeal award includes ice-cream, ball, book, magazine, balloon, special snacks, toy, dress to wait.
In daily life, the award to the child should spirit is encouraged give priority to, corporeal award is complementary. Corporeal award and spirit are encouraged same, it is complimentary active and significant step. The project that every child is interested in is different, parents is OK choose from afore-mentioned 3 respects proper motion according to particular case of the child.
To the child award should abide by the doctrine of the mean. Had little progress when the child, our parent should give praise, encourage the child with greater efforts ground study, so that obtain greater progress. Had very great progress when the child, the parent can give the child award of a few money appropriately, but amount cannot too big. Want to let the child know at the same time, these money of award are to belong to him (she) of the individual, he (she) although the right decides the use of these money, but also cannot spend in disorder, can put money first rise, reoccupy reachs this used place after, let the child learns conduct financial transactions as a child
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