Fashionable mom Yo 7 blunder
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Mistake 4: Because mom evening sleeps to also taking darling evening to sleep
Wrong level: ★ ★ ★
Case study: Habit of a few mom sleeps late, nurse very late, perhaps interrupt darling Morpheus, such darling people also nurturance the habit that sleeps late.

Sleep late the growth that can affect a constitution, mood, behavior and cognitive ability. Important is, the growth inside darling body hormone is in commonly nightly arrived at 10 o'clock before dawn produces effect between 2 o'clock, if sleep late, the growth that can affect them development. Show through observation, the children easy attention that sleeps late is not centered, do not cooperate with the person, hard certainly, height is compared generally with age children is short.

Mistake 5: Let darling and pa Mom play computer game together
Wrong level: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Case study: The radiate of computer is right of darling neurological with cerebrum development adverse, also have undesirable effect to the eyesight development of darling, use computer together with adult, because angle and height are incorrect, can affect the growth of skeleton and the eyesight such as the cervical vertebra of darling. Accordingly, cannot spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, make darling premature contact computer.

Mistake 6: Indulge baby food
Wrong level: ★ ★ ★

Case study: A lot of parents just face the child in what eat very abandon, laissez-faire, darling should eat chocolate to eat chocolate, love eats meat dishes to eat meat dishes, vegetable is touched do not touch also be in charge of. Cause weight of a lot of darling to exceed bid so. The symptom such as high cholesterol, hypertension appeared low age change. In the Asia a few countries, the person of 90 % above does not know him cholesterol is elevatory, they won't notice dot more the unusual situation of this respect, this brings about a few cheeper very easily to also contract the disease of fat of high cholesterol, tall blood and respect of other heart and vessels.

Mistake 7: Give darling random filling nutrition
Wrong level: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Case study: Besides milk, a few mom still buy a lot of calcium tablet, calcic pink to give darling filling calcium. Calcium is too much, human body is not digested, still can have side effect. Cause calcic deposit, cause stone. Once had 3 years old little girl says collywobbles, after doing B to exceed to the hospital, discovery has cholelith disease. Ask under, just knowing is her mother side she fills calcic excessive. Return some even parents the constitution to enhance the child, eat placenta to the child. Estrogen is contained a lot ofin placenta, fill for a long time feed placental child to be able to appear the phenomenon of sexual precocity. (origin: Tentatively Su Wan signs up for)

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