Fashionable mom Yo 7 blunder
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Beautiful soup of Shopping, fitness, Bao, hit report to play, midnight K song... the life of young and fashionable mom is colourful. Below be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears, darling people peremptory the small Copy that became mother. But actually, the campaign that has a lot of popularity, lifestyle does not suit children, fashionable mom perhaps did not realize he love the act of darling, the likelihood is to be opposite the health of darling " crime " .

Mistake one: Take darling to shop
Wrong level: ★ ★

Case study: A few mom like to taking darling to shop together. With the baby small go-cart takes darling to go out very convenient, but the high as it happens of small go-cart lets darling be in car tail gas to discharge the most concentrated area, the harmful gas such as lead is contained in car tail gas. If often shop for long, what darling flows like is small " cleaner " , this can hurt the health of darling undoubtedly. Go up in the driveway, in bazaar and large supermarket, the person is much noisier, the bacterium is various, darling resistance loses originally, affect a bacterium very easily, bring about disease happening. For instance, easy meet with has baby the disease such as respiratory tract infection.

Mistake 2: Often take darling to give far door
Wrong level: ★ ★ ★

Case study: Mom goes out travel can take darling to go together. In new new environment, the comfortable stress of darling is very poor, their customary surroundings is to change, life rule is thrown into confusion, in fatigue, food undeserved or below the circumstance that weather changes, the probability that darling falls ill is very high. For instance, the alvine path disease such as diarrhoea. If lacking medical service,the environment with poor condition of little medicine, medical treatment falls, the condition is more hazardous, very adverse to darling health.

Mistake 3: Often wear new dress to darling, use pants of one-time paper make water only
Wrong level: ★ ★

Case study: A lot of mom like to wear new dress to darling, actually new clothing and other articles of daily use returns the old clothings that be not a patch on often wears. Above all, old clothes is softer and comfortable; Next, old clothes often catharsis, the harmful chemical material such as the carries possibly formaldehyde on the dress has been kept clear of. Had not cleaned the new dress that wears to darling, cause darling skin allergy likely.

Pants of one-time paper make water basically comprises by the following kinds of material: Cellulose, polypropylene ester is high-powered sorbent, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, a few stretch material and viscose. If pants of paper make water is beyond the mark damp, when making the skin of darling is in damp condition for long, cutaneous surface covering layer is destroyed. When damp skin is chafed by pants of paper make water, it is injured more easily. In abdomen, genital all round, regular meeting appears inside ham and coxal skin drape diaper rash. The doctor thinks, still be inferior to the diaper that makes with complete cotton with pants of one-time paper make water, breathe freely, won't get diaper rash.
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