Hope children will have a bright future not outsmart oneself killed the child
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Of course, in the teacher " give an official " in the process, some children parent acted as the part of dishonour. Let the child become student officer, the likelihood is the parent hopes children will have a bright future the report of state of mind, also may be oneself became an official to get too much benefit, and feel to ought to let the child be made as a child child bear father line of business; Or him parent should not be duped Guan Xinli is lopsided and government-owned hope places the child body at oneself to go up, perhaps stem from other purpose. I think, why to no matter stem from,plant purpose, this is seemingly clever and actual foolish course of action, ignorant and incompetent and lane is artful or take shortcut, it is the trap of life. To this, the ancients make clear beforehand: "All along meddlesome and inherent frugal, since ancient times melon suffering hind is sweet. " " the adult is uneasy, comfortable do not grow up. " " the suffering in having a rough time, be a hard job to the person on the person. " these words are worth ponder.
Steal think, hope children will have a bright future, the mood that looks at female Cheng Feng is understandable, but must not do turn over clumsy opportunely, killed oneself child.
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