Hope children will have a bright future not outsmart oneself killed the child
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Teacher of bribe of some parents leave no stone unturned is sought for the child official of a student, its use suffering of fine of heart it may be said. Heard pupil of some 2 grade to buy monitor title by the parent nearly, because changed a teacher, then this poor child was dismissed, the child came home to cry greatly, after this downhearted, thought to lose outer part, got hit on spirit.
I feel teacher this profession is too divine, have the good name of engineer of soul of gardener, mankind. Still have a lot of word of praise, be like, "One day is division, all one's life for father. " " master person, so preach awards course of study to dispel doubts also. " " master person, the person's model. " " of be apt to teaching originally, teach this is in master. " " the place of the path is put, the place of division is put also. " etc, show a teacher this profession unusual. Allegedly, nightly travel road encounters a teacher the gangster that block the way robs, the gangster listens to the other side is a teacher, stung by conscience actually, put a teacher. Visible teacher the force of 2 words. Author Ceng Lizhi becomes teacher of a people, regrettablly have little talent and learning, did not regard as, do not cross me or have a kind of special feeling to the teacher, listen such-and-such it is a teacher, I with respect to the be filled with deep esteem.
I love a teacher, love the truth more. I feel, the teacher got advantage to give the child the official is become, this is a kind very very bad, terrible " try " , although such teacher is not very much, but the influence is terrible. One 10 come year old the child, just entered a school gate, they are clear spend money to be able to change official position with the thing, this is a how terrible beginning. Such OK saying, the child heart that just went to school is a piece of white paper, on this piece of paper, we become a teacher what to write after all, the answer actually very simple, I feel to officialdom at least black path such backward and stale thing cannot be written go up. Otherwise, the heart of child whiteness is polluted as a child, after be brought up, what can turn into appearance, want to feel bad more more, want to feel terrible more more.
The child is the future of the motherland, it is ethical future. From consideration of long-term point of view, revitalize economy, revitalize China to must grab from the child. Should realize, come more than 2000 years, art of standard of standard of the official circles culture that China forms, official, official, official circles, produced very adverse effect to the development of the Chinese nation, legion gives official circles his lifetime ideal energy, cudgel one's brains for, extremely use up tactics, some by hook and crook, squeeze single-plank bridge, very much outstanding talent perhaps has as a result to fall to the trap of life with the talent, this is one the individual's distress not only, also be the distress of a nation. If we foster them to contend for seat by hook and crook from dot, contend for " official position " , is this bring the child helplessly to wrong road? At heart He Ren? Him not let sb down conscience?
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