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Athletics game learns to be applied mediumly in language culture and education
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What athletics game emphasizes is " than " word, with " than " the excited dot that will arouse a student, arouse study interest of the student thereby, achieve significant classroom education result. Below I talk about a few kinds of methods with respect to my teaching experience.

One, than memory

Memory is the foundation of any study, and the high school student is in memory the most exuberant phase. Mark of Chinese new tax points out the Chinese accomplishment that trains a student clearly, pay attention to accumulate, develop language sense, encourage " read more, become a problem less " , phase of formulary junior high school recites ancient poetry article not less than 80. Accordingly, often can begin beautiful line of poem of the name that receive a back, idiom to receive the play such as dragon. Duan Re of explanation of term of the print and distribute on the class, line, language works piece, provide good time, who to see be written down at most inside formulary time next. Or decorate a certain number of piece ancient poetry article, agree compare after a week, increase an amount again later, such move back and forth. Proposal student collects sidelights to break time is recited, or have a meal on the road, or break, or before sleeping. Such, not only can make the student accumulates many ancient poetry article, and still can foster a student to carry the good habit that reads ancient poetry article on the back everyday.

2, than understanding

Information obtains more or less to matter to directly with speed those who read capability is strong weak. Student information should be paid attention to to search the education of ability in education, pay attention to the understanding of text content. Teaching person teaching edition 7 grade for instance on book " female Wa makes a person " when, can design 100 second fast answering question. Make a student subvocal first text, whole holds female Wa to build the person's motive, course, allowing student him tentative plan is female Wa, inside 100 second, truly ponders the ground to answer the following question: Why do you build ① person? The inspiration that what gave you to make a person is ② ? Do you have ③ what kind of supernatural power can make a person? ④ describes you with two words please the mood in the process that make a person. Why can ⑤ have this kind of state of mind? ⑥ what is the greatest difficulty that you encounter in the process that make a person? How do you solve ⑦ ? On one kind of what kind of life can the person that ⑧ your him hope makes live? ⑨ if had wanted to go up,you think such life, what kind of quality should the mankind have? ⑩ says a beatific sign that you miss to send the mankind most please. The design of link of this kind of education increased study interest of the student not only, active classroom atmosphere, also forging the student search information, capacity that trims information.
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