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Education student writes a few kinds of ways of interest
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After making text be sent every time, what the student pays close attention to most is mark and commment. Say honest, my level that make component is very low, the student is conveyed in the language a little or should be progress on handwriting only, structure or stylistic on have innovation, I can hit greatly 90 minutes. And flow in the between the lines of commment dripping to be admired clearly, as far as possible need not conclusion, put an end to satiric, sneer at. Cherished glad mood to see in commment when them when encourage and hoping, they also found self-confidence. Below cento a comment that I write:

How does the small head that does not know you really have the language of so much rich philosophic theory in melon, vacant character. Pass through these warm words, the teacher ases if the feeling that saw you fly upwards. Mr Xie Shengtao ever had said, the teacher's greatest pride trains a student that he adores namely. Now, I am very proud.

Let us pay close attention to the education of student interest in composition education, let them fluttering " interest " wing hovers in the celestial freedom of the composition.

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