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Education student writes a few kinds of ways of interest
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3, provide stage, "Beautiful " give ego

Every student hopes his article gets appreciation, hope oneself writing talent gets revealing. As the teacher, we are responsible provide one party stage for them, let them " beautiful " give ego.

1 . Found class print.

Class print publishs first phase every months, establish editorial office by him student, start everybody to be composed actively. The teacher can provide the excellent article of diary and your work article editorial office. Copy of class print hand.

2. Keep the collection that gives oneself.

In every semester student of whole class of period end organization is collected arrange this semester all articles, or print or carefully and nearly copy out, collection becomes his collected works, and oneself name, write catalog, next ordinal recommend to whole class classmate, eventual democracy judges a first prize two, second-class award 4, third class award 6, grant award and Zhang Bang is announced.

3. Begin " to editorial a letter " activity.

Editor, big like star in the eye of children wrist is euqally mysterious, if can receive their incoming letter, it is supreme award to children. Accordingly, in every semester period end, I should organize whole class student to revise arrange oneself a work with this the most satisfactory semester is printed or copy out, the journal that discovers according to oneself again next uses draft characteristic, an editor that gives this the journal writes a letter. Every time my raise begins to send a letter mediumly, when the name that making some student, want to see his excited look only, the writing interest that I know him will rise again a step. So far (end first) , my class shared 16 student to get editorial letter in reply; The work that has 6 students is published on city class, provincial journal.

4, sincere Yu Jia is made, develop self-confident heart

"Good style of writing or drawing. Good judgment. Read history have an eye, make a point has knowledge. Boy can be built. Its do its utmost diligent, exert oneself is become big implement. " this is a primary school teacher on a composition that writes to the Mao Dun that becomes great writer later always approve. Give so high praise to a pupil, the end that that teacher becomes so, nothing more than the good qualities of affirmative student, stimulate self-confident heart of the student. Want us to use only " magnifier " the advantage in search children write a composition, offer good psychology the suggestion, their composition is met " sesame seed blossoms -- , successively tall " .
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