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Education student writes a few kinds of ways of interest
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One, recommend a magazine, foster good moral sentiment

People often says " article if person " , " words are the voice of the mind " , drip from underset of pen of a person the monologize that the character that come out often is his heart. Ceng Youxue is born in " my desire " in write " because my stature is not tall, confront tall man fellow student so bully can submit to humiliation, dare anger not dare character. It is good to should have many if I can be long high then, such I can be fought with them " , return some student him hopes to have about a hundred the money of 10 thousand, want to do what to do... their composition cannot call truthless, but if Ren Jifa exhibits the coast of inevitable conference occurrence idea, this guides actively with respect to need teacher. But, want to foster the world outlook of student health and exalted aesthetic sentiment, empty general principle, cadaverous catchword, can let a student feel insipid only, and the conte that a few contain teach Yu Le, beautiful article, cross their face like the gentle breeze stroke with same relaxed detailed, if same field timely rain is moist their heart. Accordingly, my constant is recommended to them " meaning forest " , " young abstract " , " the youth reads extensively " wait for a journal, hold regularly read report activity, let read make a kind of habit, ground of exert a subtle influence on edifies the student's sentiment, widen their read eye shot, those who let them become each to be able to comprehend the life is fresh life. Till now, every student on the class is ordered have themselves most the publication that like.

2, build bridge, communication life and writing

"One can't make bricks without straw " , "Ask canal if Na Deqing is made, come for active head flowing water " , those who say is to want to refine writing material from inside the life.

The life everywhere all knowledge, one leaf always closes one branch affection, can from spring of a small careless nose, can experience dedication from a fallen leaves, can see adamancy from a wintersweet... the key is the heart that wants move having kind. Accordingly I let a student discover the life with his distinctive perspective constantly, comprehend the life.

Besides, still need to extend the student's eye shot. Movie and TV, popular music, network, let them with its " still hold the lute in the arms half block face " , still be inferior to introducing classroom boldly. Seek from Zhang Yi " hero " go to the United States is big " Troy " , assume a post flintily from what the horse increases an ancient win vessel with three legs and a loop handle those who grow glow is altruistic, arrive from Zhou Jielun S. H. E... these example drip from student pen underset come out, brought the breath of youth and times to the composition.
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