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What Chinese teacher cannot bear is heavy
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Leaf through old newspaper accidentally, had the following feeling.
2003, our country China flight of 5 manned airship is successful, air man Yang Liwei became spaceflight hero. Face a reporter interview, yang Liwei says frankly a word: "I did not see the Great Wall in aerospace. " ? ?
This word causes a mighty uproar, for a short while, "In aerospace whether see the Great Wall " discuss the heat topic that became each media, discuss in this in, chinese teacher is accident also the ground by drag in.
November 25, 2003 " Chinese youth signs up for " on published a such articles " Chinese textbook also should respect science " (author: Zhang Tao) , write among them: Face this place in the text to hurt ① forcedly, the reaction that is in charge of each branch, schools and Chinese teacher about education is so slow. Chinese textbook does not respect science, not factualism? November 24, 2003 " the great river signs up for " also be in " teacher, why do you hold to the Great Wall can look in aerospace " in have similar speech: does so much person have the incident of major concern to also do not know with teaching material to this? Such information is ineffective, mirror the person of slow dawdle, can you train the student that hear and see wellhow? ? ?
"Slow " be " response is slow, not acute " meaning, the dissatisfaction that sees antonym language teacher not hard from inside these two news and censure. That year, I am resting maternity leave, information is out-of-the-way. Nowadays, see such old article as me of Chinese teacher, what be oneself on one hand is slow and abashed, on the other hand, think of now the place of Chinese teacher, can't help also having some of difficulties that one is reluctant to mention that force cannot get the better of.
Suffering firstly, of a flight of stairs of education of part of Chinese teacher body most lower level, if " the Great Wall cannot see in aerospace " already became truth final conclusion, we also have no right " distort " text, or cutout decreases textbook, if be slow really, be afraid also is to teach the member that grind, professor, educational reform appoint those who wait a moment is slow.
Of course, such saying that demit has the suspicion of play truant, because also say in news, although above cannot make written instructions immediately, chinese teacher also should go up as soon as possible in the first classroom the truth of clear the air. Now, I say the 2nd difficulties that one is reluctant to mention. "Cannot the Great Wall see in aerospace " whether had made final conclusion? Whether had become " science " and " fact " ? Regard Chinese as the teacher, what my suffer from proves without adequate knowledge, but I can see, hereon is planted discuss still continueing. The astronaut Yang Liwei of ourselves announces him to did not see the Great Wall in aerospace, at a draught whole society began generally " think over " ; Proper our think over when come to an end, european spaceflight bureau published a photograph again however, before making us a bit afraid one think over to whether have a place too anxious; Can have not waited for us again pride rises, european the photograph that announces them again however actually wrong... " think over " impulse and at the outset proud impulse is likewise intense. Halloo in many introspection literary works " the Great Wall is invisible in aerospace also of nondestructive Great Wall great " when, also appeared large quantities of scientific article comes evidence " see the Great Wall " view. Because, after all what Yang Liwei says is: "I did not see the Great Wall in aerospace " , and be not " invisible Great Wall " . A lot of articles also " see the Great Wall " the justifiable analytic ② that had talk. So, I feel, no matter pride still thinks over, it is to be below the circumstance that does not have enough basis actually, with respect to ground of too impatient to wait make use of a subject to elaborate one's own ideas rose. Below this kind of circumstance, chinese teacher more cannot blindly final judgement. In those days " see the Great Wall " who suspects? Perhaps whose suspicion still entered Chinese textbook; Now " did not see the Great Wall " cannot see namely, without who to suspect? Without who had be suspicion toed delete from textbook? ? ?
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