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Do not let " mean " advertisement forces children can escape without the road
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"Mean advertisement is eroding the child! " a Chinese teacher wrote middle school of Taiyuan city some key recently civil appeal to the society. At present, in a lot of public sites, a few advertisement with " give sb a present " for stunt, certain and venereal, stream of people, abundant breeds the advertisement that wait is wording more inferior, scruple without place, brought extremely abominable influence to adolescent. Some students these ad wording substantially " cite " , in be being written into the composition; Still many students are together game and when speaking, actually often with a few ad wording that can't bear pleasant to hear mutual correspondence, your teacher very headache. (" new China daily telecommunications " on December 31)

See here, the author thought of to go up suddenly a paragraph of comic dialogue that gentleman of season of 80 time horse performs the century, among them remain fresh in one's memory of that classical actor's lines -- " fellow-townsman people, close a key point! " what this paragraph of comic dialogue says is: At that time the love on TV piece limelight strong, affectionate play is flush, men and women saw the whole village that watchs TV together in mayor home blush the heartbeat is uncomfortable. When performing these pictures every time, mayor always should cry greatly: "Fellow-townsman people, close a key point! " at that time the state of affairs with little channel of one TV, TV leaves one village, broad farmer can rely on the appeal of mayor only, use for many times " close a key point " come screen these " do not suit " content.

And now, from TV ad, the press advertisement, considerably handbill advertisement, go to to street in car basket " fixed position blasts off " " grouse advertisement " , and be called " urban psoriasis " small advertisement, advertisement can say is to blot out the sky and cover up the earth, do not enter without place, be about to attract your eyeball, be about to aim at your purse. And this among them misdirect, enjoyment, go against instead, affection is lubricious the advertisement that brushs edge, con property, put in thick and fast in all sorts of media. Have not mature to broad intelligence, differentiate the minor that ability lacks, these " mean " advertisement as the air that is polluted, river water that is polluted, the heart that makes the children that can escape without the road little is killed by contamination aing kind of sweet grass.

In the advertisement that describes to adult world in these, the child becomes more and more " early " , children and adult bounds are more and more ambiguous, they are accept in be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears come from adult to sociology reviews and be taught. Does American economy historian wear dimension? M? Baud ever said: "Consider social impact, the orgnaization that advertisement can be the same as long-standing (be like the school, cathedral) photograph comparing, it dominated agency, have tremendous effect to the formation of people standard, it is very finite in a few orgnaizations that remove a society to control function a all wool and a yard wide. " give no cause for more criticism of the businessman's clear hasten profit objective, but product or the moral element when the service is publicized are indispensable. Advertisement also is the watcher of social environment, the person bear the weight of of advanced culture. "Mean " the advertisement negative effect to minor, should cause wide attention of the society really, cannot overlook.
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