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Think of composition and true word by the examination questions of Beijing Unive
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  my daughter 3 years old of a long time, I take her to go to Fudan University campus, as it happens rained that day, she asks me suddenly:  of  of saddle duty Zheng cuts defect  into parts to provide dinner for  conceives a clique.   sweeps past this  of  of handsome pain or numbness caused by cold of Se of Gui Cong  to blow instrument of agitate Sou dim glow of the setting sun to take Chi of mow of  Huo  unbearably: Exhaust  standing tall and upright ァ of  of Pu of Fu of lintel of border of ネ of pancreas of salt of  of location ⑾ broil protects toad of Щ of Fei of coal of  ⑶ formic predestined relationship by scepter  Peng Da endowment spruce  cuts 5 pen generation unreal into parts  of  of make a present of of fat  of Da Ye of saliva Ш of  of  of faze of  standing tall and upright; Dust  shrimp; brighting Ge of ⒁ of Mu of barium of Ba Jimei Qian bakes by scepter  Peng scabbard of Lao Jimei Fu of  of extensive of establish of  of those of pen of mow scar  cuts extensive of divide evenly of  of sole of  of cook a meal into parts to change Cuo arsine an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings to light mire according to mace high mountain copy of Shan of  of this  lofty is pressed

Regrettablly the composition opportunity of true opinion of student expression actual person and event is real too little, contrary composition became the instrument that trains them to say falsehood boast empty talk. It is obviously a bagatelle in the life or again common the work that does not pass, must inspire compulsive even they contact politics, should publicize " 5 stress 4 beauty 3 have deep love for " wait for general principle, perhaps must express what feeling. Pupil is written " greet an Olympic Games " composition, said " the win honour for that it is a country " insufficient still, must rise " let the world understand China " , "Peace rises abruptly " . Actually, if dot thinks of when to opening the Olympic Games, need not attend class, take the chance to play delighted, be very true also interesting? But if was written so, can you get good result? So I once extremely, children from begin to write a composition, be about to learn to say lie. Hear according to somewhere the composition content statistic that Chinese takes an exam, misfortune of one party of the parents in examinee dies, contract incurable disease, encounter an accident unexpectedly be in the majority, former student considers to if this is written,can't not show love, expressive self-improvement. Have some of model essay that is recommended by the teacher, after reading, believing really is the hand that stems from a high school student.

Hear of Beijing University when me so Chongqing recommended 2006 in unripe, own entrance exam, with " the corrupt official is analysed " when for matriculation the composition is inscribed, do not feel strange, a few just is anxious.
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