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Overseas teachs a bit result of Chinese experience
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Be informed Japan to be the same as the existence of source Chinese school from newspaper accidentally, because teacher of Chinese of a few years of elementary school has been become in home, holding the mood that have a try in the arms to send his personal details the book. Then, I became a Chinese teacher of school of the Chinese that be the same as a source after a few months, religion Chinese learns in day Chinese children. Although just have 2 years of short time only, but gain and loss of meantime hardships and difficulties, very difficult one character.

One, habit of education of understanding place classroom, adjust measures to local conditions has teacher and student

Once Chinese child enters elementary school, entered the path of normal study completely, attend class have to straighten his clothes and sit properly. And Japanese child criterion otherwise, it is the study in playing almost, opposite for freer. Have 5-6 day every week so the Chinese children that attend class, like they wanting to resemble Chinese pupil in the Chinese elementary school on Sunday attend a lecture, it is impossible, plus successive two Chinese classes, playtime has 10 minutes only rest, to 6-7 year old for the child, very fatigue, and study according to the expert, this age paragraph the duration that child attention height centers is controlled 5 minutes only.

So, it is informal that I allow them to resemble be being compared in the sitting position on Japanese classroom when attend class, the student in domestic school also need not resemble when answering a question stand up, it is OK to sitting. Endeavor to accomplish lecture at the same time vivid, give the child the chance of the speech more.

2, content of education of class of understanding place Chinese, choose the key of Chinese education

After entering 34 year, the education of Chinese of Chinese elementary school begins to turn to literacy and the phase that understand text content to pay equal attention to, begin formal composition education. And the teacher and student of Chinese education composition of Japanese elementary school is younger, a semester cannot write 3 two. I think, although each country language is different, but Chinese knowledge should be interlinked roughly, whether avoid to repeat, are term understanding and composition exercise strengthened in Chinese education? Then, begin from the 3rd education, I accentuated the exercise of the exercise of conversation seeing a picture and composition.

It is very difficult really in the begining. Read graph speech, the student uses a few the simplest terms to express the meaning on graph face namely. A lot of moment, the sentence is not clear and coherent still. Then, I adopt the method of successive, set a the basiccest sentence, impose a practice on this foundation sentence every time next. For instance, the result of the expression that adds time, place, person, thing. A few weeks of exercises come down, the student can develop his imagination, say a pair of simple plan to get full of sound and color. The exercise of the composition more gave or take a lot of trouble. Some children give in the composition that come almost 2/3 is written with phoneticize, perhaps use unisonant word in disorder, the sentence is illogical is common more then. When correcting, I am written below phoneticize with respect to ground of an a word, word on Chinese character, fathomming the meaning that the child should convey, change the sentence suitable. Because these children are in daily life,use language is Japanese, I tell them, when writing a composition, also can ponder over oneself to want what to convey first with Japanese. Come out expression of these day pragmatics Chinese again next, and want a society use a vocabulary this capable tool, reduce wrongly written or mispronounced characters as far as possible. Through the exercise of a few months, the composition that the student with good pitch can have drawn up 300 words are controlled.
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