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English tiptop, is Chinese very of a kind?
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? ? ? ? "Say the student that also is famous brand university, how to seal a letter to be written repeatedly do not come? " the gentleman of sectional manager regulation of some joint ventures complained to the reporter yesterday, the closest newcome the undergraduate students of major of project of machinery of university of some famous brand on a Shanghai, be a model " English 6 class, chinese is primary " .

? ? ? ? Written document " enter order extremely "

? ? ? ? Chapter gentleman tells a reporter, this undergraduate just comes a many month, by summary of each file of his write, conference, correspondence all " enter order extremely " , usage of wrongly written or mispronounced characters, punctuation mark is extremely non-standard, faulty wording or formulation is everywhere. "A very long sentence, do not have even comma, full stop, let a person read bring about the desired sensation to breathe heavily to come nevertheless. Wrongly written or mispronounced characters is blossom everywhere more, ' in ' ' again ' do not divide, ' how ' ' so ' use in disorder. More comical is, diction of a few networks, also be used in the letter that sends manager, supplier by him, for instance, ' improve ' become with respect to logogram ' improve below ' , similar ' below the explanation ' ' express ' also can be found everywhere. Similar ' below the explanation ' ' express ' also can be found everywhere..

? ? ? ? Chapter gentleman does do not understand: "This undergraduate when interview is glib, english standard is not wrong also, did not think of Chinese level is inferior to even the high school student! " be hit time and again because of written thing a ticket, this undergraduate considered a plan, simply need not Chinese keeps a file, use English entirely!

? ? ? ? English 6 class, is Chinese primary?

? ? ? ? For what present undergraduate can draw up beautiful English article, do not write the Chinese article that gives a fluent, grammatical standard however? Linguistics of Hua Dong Normal University teachs Hu Fanzhu to have feeling greatly to this: "Cite a the simplest case, doctoral student, Master makes a paper natively, many people are being written in leave a message ' × × of respect is taught ' , be opposite actually oneself teacher so name is not proper, let a person have the feeling of stay at a respectful distance from sb. " introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad professor plaints, these the mainest reasons, do not have an any classes however tuitional.

? ? ? ? To the undergraduate " English 6 class, chinese is primary " phenomenon, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad professor thinks, also social demand place causes this. "The student with good now English applies for a job easily, chinese achievement is good, unit of choose and employ persons is not valued. " a lot of units are when invite applications for a job, unless be professional need, inspect Chinese ability of the student rarely commonly otherwise, look very again to capacity of English, computer however.
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