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Act fact denounce is dilettante " English excel Chinese is talked "
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These year, a lot of world Sinology homes point out: The Chinese character will make the computer in 21 centuries " the first language " , 21 centuries will be the century that the Chinese character shines brilliantly, the Chinese character is the Chinese's civilized to the world another great contribution, be " the 5th big invention " , etc.

The author hears, times feeling exultation, also feel at the same time this be being talked newly is some truths truly, but the Chinese character crusade that calls to mind 50 time on a grand and spectacular scale again, some authority claims unexpectedly what is long-term goal of China " abolish Chinese character, the way that takes world character phoneticize to change " , feel then and be sent, wrote piece " the Chinese character ever was adjudged " capital punishment " " the article is published, ever caused intense echo for a time. Receive some to sign up for the incoming letter of friend of a senior editor later, put forward deliberate to the viewpoint of clumsy article. He thinks, current in light of the experience of his individual, english or Latin letter are made on computer clavier, still be mixed than playing diamonds Chinese character fast. This article friend is apparent oversight " 21 centuries " and " will " the word that waits for a few important keys, this deliberate is not consequently big also hold water, because this changed the proposition of place discussion actually.

See bring up again of old work of a paper recently, published " the appeal of a teacher of Chinese of old middle school " , a variety of new view that say to praise Chinese character advantage at present are actually " plan of sow distrust or dissension among one's enemies " , be " idiotic nonsense " ; Think the Chinese character was become restrict us to catch up with the western developed country, obstacle that realizes 4 modernization, chinese character not " reform " (" abolish " synonym) modern hopeless, the cloud. Its are main argument has the following at 2 o'clock: One, of Chinese level low and direct those who brought about quality of culture of whole of our country countryman is low, modern it is the science and technology on world history the period of unprecedented development, but make a contribution very little however to our nation, we present lagged behind to be included apparently " the element that is not social politics " , namely complex and trival Chinese character pulls regressive element; 2, the literal system of other people is perfect with each passing day, advanced, scientific, the alphabetic writing that learns easily simply became a family to realize modernization " edge tool " , those use the western country of alphabetic writing, the book should read elementary school graduation only commonly, read and wrote an obstacle to basically be eliminated. And we? Some goes to an university level, had not solved completely however.

Steal think, chinese of this old middle school teachs the care nation concern of division civilian care " word " heart, its spirit is laudable, however very regrettablly, however care became poor place. Regard as to the desert of a thousand years of diamonds Chinese character how to evaluate? This is not an essay it is clear to can talk, do not cross those who appear to also can be opposite to be talked one time slightly. Above all, our nation is not in modern just use a Chinese character, our ancestor is in the mankind on thousands of years of civilization history, use a Chinese character at the same time just about, created brilliant China culture at the same time, 4 big inventions are its peak and evidence namely; And the China ancient civilization that is a center with diamonds Chinese character just about, drove the west directly modern the development of scientific culture culture. Next, the thing just is in modern the difference that pull open, its are main the reason can be in only regime, ideological, and educational system, thoughtway " social politics element " go up search, and cannot attribute a fault to blames Yu Han word. Otherwise, how should we explain the Africa that is use alphabetic writing likewise, latin america makes multilateral home, why to poverty lags behind and still owe in that way however up to now develop? ! Again, offer Chinese character advantage at present " talk newly " expert, what be still basically " foreign devil " , however home of Sinology of abroad foreign citizen of Chinese origin, they although " foreign outfit is worn in the body " , and " the heart still is Chinese heart " , the feeling that its have deep love for native land is OK deny.
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