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The long-standing abuse that Chinese teachs impared badly of citizen society for
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? ? ? ? Teach the serious malady of Yo about our country Chinese, a certain number of analysises that before New Year already the distinguished scholar such as Qian Liqun had development. Recently " new capital signs up for " the published article that teachs to university Chinese, middle school Chinese, cause the author's resonance and anxiety again. And, on these problems, consistent or the understanding whacking of people is approximate, think malady is serious, ought to reform, appealed however old, do not have the improvement of materiality. Say impolitely, if pass old education, training, still cannot let a person draw up decent article, what cannot make person development comprehends Chinese is aesthetic with economic value, so this kind of Chinese is taught even if fail.

? ? ? ? Why doesn't long-standing abuse change, change to be not dropped? Why " popular indignation " very intense and drive hard? Main reason, it is insufficient to endangering a gender to know, a man of insight of only perhaps minority is appealing; 2 it is lack the democracy that is in charge of actively is decision-making with action mechanism. To former, the article makes an analysis slightly.

? ? ? ? Teach the long-standing abuse of Yo to Chinese, the author has experience greatly, because oneself are serious victim. When the teenager, still love language literature very, arrived when manhood, these aesthetic hobbies had been taught by Chinese screwy, break into pieces. Mention again Chinese, already was to be able to 't bear wearily, writing a little article repeatedly is a burden. Acquire high school as a child, chinese class is saying word, word, sentence, paragraph, theme, analysing what clew, argument, argument to wait. Altogether, a whole mincing give you, let your memory, facilitating exam. For example, archaic Chinese in " " all sorts of usage teach you, it is difficult to be chosen next one's deceased father. Just think, this " " have what syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech, the meaning of a word, have with contemporary citizen how old relation? Letting what you obtain is chicken feather of see everywhere fragment, one ground. More bad is, in Chinese class of more than 10 years, give lessons with mandarin without the teacher almost, communication. Recite use dialect unexpectedly. Let a person cannot appreciate the beauty of the poesy of Chinese. Author home town is in Anhui northeast area, belong to Sulu to pleased Anhui is taken interactively inferior culture area, pronouncing simple or compound vowel and mandarin difference are very big. Plant with this " with an accent of antrum of with an accent is moved " recite poetic word, text, really embrassing, painful. When doing a high school student, the author thinks, the language literature that class of this kind of Chinese is in profanatory China, it dares to strip the musical aesthetic feeling of Chinese character, disgust, scanty from Chinese, it is fault really.
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