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"Disease of dread of enter a school " will raid an expert to suggest visiting ca
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Is pupil blubber do not wish to go to school? ?
Morning paper dispatch tomorrow is whole town middle and primary school the first day when term begins, at present student, parent is making final preparation to term begins, but a few students are in however suffer from at this moment went up " disease of dread of enter a school " , do not be willing to go to the school anyhow. The reporter understands from partial psychology referral center, accompany the drawing near of new term, "Disease of dread of enter a school " already entered tall hair period, current strength seeing a doctor also is increasing gradually in. ? ?
After from once upon a time a few days report for duty to the school, should go up this year the Liu Heng of elementary school (alias) arise to the school " intense reaction " . Say according to Ms. Wang, want the job that somebody alludes to go to school or be concerned with the school before him only, he can begin to use cry, the way that make conveys him to refuse to what go to school, serious when can throw a thing even, do not agree to have a meal. Ms. Wang hope makes clear as soon as possible the reason that child fear goes to school, before term begins constant letting Liu can accept the school. ? ?
According to introducing, because want suddenly to enter a new environment,the new student with lesser age is met in, and generation is incommensurate, defy, suffer from thereby on " disease of dread of enter a school " . In the meantime, because another part student goes a few " bequeath problem " , achievement of semester of exemple as above drops, get in the school of the classmate bully etc, what also can make didymous new term is scared. In addition, through the rest of a summer vacation, because a few students are excessive abandon, also can generate resentment to the school. ? ?
Professor of military officer of gold of referral center of psychology of Ruijin hospital adolescent thinks, elementary school newborn " disease of dread of enter a school " , because the child wants to leave familiar before environment at a draught,be actually, and the dependence of generation complex. Need seek medical advice badly besides the circumstance besides, the parent also can help the child in the home " desensitization " , often look after children to take a walk near the school, be close to the school, environment that is familiar with new learning school gradually, can reduce the child so the susceptibility to the school, get used to new environment as early as possible. ? ?
Assured source is done not have in undergraduate heart, appeal " psychological outpatient service " ? ?
Morning paper dispatch was not taken an examination of attend the college in ideal, draw near term begins detect blushingly more; Had been used to by direct, face " put in a suitable place to breed " the undergraduate of type is vivid, be at a loss a little unexpectedly. Draw near term begins, the author understands from referral center of on Shanghai a few teenage psychology, the number that accurate undergraduate comes round to seek advice at a draught much rise, insecurity and pressure, let ought overjoyed the students that walk into university campus, also suffer from went up " opening dread disease " . ? ?
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