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Lash can foster flunky to cannot develop a person with ability only
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An information sees in TV recently, hangzhou has a confect man school, teach mischievous children with the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, chili, lash, a children still revealed to be carried on the back on the picture a lash mark. Have the effect very much allegedly, the child that the parent sends him of one's own accord goes having a rough time, the person that sign up scramble for sth. I looked to feel very astonish and annoy. In 21 centuries educational democratization, individuation upsurges today, feudal education still has so big market unexpectedly!

Just announce before long after editing " compulsory education law " the 29th specific provision " the human dignity that the teacher ought to value a student, must not discriminate against a student, must not carry out physical punishment to the student, covert physical punishment is other perhaps the behavior that insults character dignity, must not encroach a student to close right increase. " to the student executive physical punishment is to disobey " compulsory education law " behavior, it is illegal behavior, should get legal sanction. Open the person of this school, do not have legal idea above all, also be the person that does not know educational rule at the same time. Allegedly this person or training school graduate. This can blame us only the teacher that these people that do normal school education did not foster her into a qualification.

Before before long, " bright daily " two exercitation reporters interview me, ask about, why should law prohibit does physical punishment perhaps covert physical punishment? Some countries still do not have abolish physical punishment now, such our country regulations whether lead? My answer is:

Above all, our country is socialistic country, the culture of our country should be the mankind's most advanced culture originally. Our education should value human dignity of human rights, esteem. Human rights included to live authority, suffer educational authority to wait a lot of content a moment, but the life that makes each person can have honor among them is very important. Physical punishment perhaps resembles eating the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, chili to wait covert physical punishment, the language that includes the of low quality that use low is abuse student, this is to have damage the character at the student, have damage the behavior of the dignity at the person, violated the requirement of privilege, prohibiting strictly is very necessary.

The 2nd, use the method of physical punishment, do not accord with the rule that the student grows, do not accord with educational principle. Today's education emphasizes main body sex of the student, depend on inspiring the student's initiative and enthusiasm. Physical punishment can squelch only the student's initiative and enthusiasm, prep let alone fosters the student's creativity. In the meantime, physical punishment has very great harm to the student's psychology. The student succumbs at force, the likelihood is behaved very obediently temporarily, very compliant, but after passing, he may have mutinous sex more; Still can bring to bear on to others sometimes violent, formed screwy psychology.
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