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High-end education lost character education
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Qian Liqun of adviser of retired professor, doctoral student takes Beijing University finally when a few graduate students, a few change make his feeling quite deep. "Because collective spirit is gone after,the adviser previously and student are. And nowadays, colour of the utility in this kind of relation is heavier and heavier. " Qian Liqun says.

Qian Liqun thinks, "The purpose that this is education gave an issue. ? ?
" he says, the educational means in the past, besides impart outside knowledge, still have the edification of the education of pair of spirit levels and character. Previously, he always can say to the student: You come to me here, besides the method that wants study to become knowledge, learn state of a kind of spirit even. And nowadays, became between teachers and students deliver intellectual relation purely, ignored the education to mental level. "The to mental state attention in traditional education, the education that is now should of derive. " Qian Liqun says. "In education of graduate student of doctor, Master, the content that character fosters is quite defective. " delegate of National People's Congress of 10 whole nations, China in Zhou Hongyu of adviser of professor of college of science of Normal University education, doctoral student thinks, this reflected an error that instantly teachs actually: The thing that sees to learning achievement to look so takes seriously overly, and inadequate to the invisible thing such as mentation care.

Qian Liqun is recollected, the adviser of one's early years and student relationship are very close. The educational means that awaits in those days is the education of chatting type, teacher and chaos of ground of student unrestrained and far -ranging talk, talk about each respects of life. "Await in those days, the student is willing to communicate with the teacher very much, go up somehow, student most has a kind of spirit to depend on to the adviser. And what to think in student heart, teacher substantially knows. " he says, now, such understanding may come true very hard.

Actually, those who changed is the relation of adviser and student not merely. "In the past, the communication between the student is very much also, a lot of people in order to be the same as pose as of younger brother of door senior fellow apprentice. " Qian Liqun says, now, such communication decreased apparently. "Arrived the doctoral student's age, the student appears very mature, general appearance is more independent. But, the student often has the desire that pour out, in the key when, if somebody will care him, even if just send the eyes of a consideration, the likelihood can rescue him. " Qian Liqun says. He still remembers, there also has been the thing that the doctoral student commits suicide before, because be in that,majority is " the moment of truth " lack a bit consideration.

Qian Liqun feels, the educational means of pattern of traditional academy of classical learning, had been damaged. Past student is very few, annual also 9, can be now, a lot of graduate students may see adviser one side is very bad repeatedly. "What does the student perhaps call the name, doesn't the adviser also know certainly? " " the student that the adviser brings is too much. " in the adviser that Zhou Hongyu engages, one person of a lot of people brought 20 many graduate students.
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