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New China when judge: Party card cadre should relearn obligation to teach a law
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? ? ? ? Xinhua net Beijing on September 1 report (reporter Zhang Zongtang) new castigatory obligation teachs a law to rose to apply formally on September 1. This statute added many new content. What make a person fix eyes upon especially is, compulsory education way set the principal liability that the government teachs to obligation clearly, the long-term development sense of compulsory to our country education is very great. As the constitutor of relevant policy, executant, cadre of various party card ought to relearn this law.

? ? ? ? New executive obligation teachs a law, it is the castigatory below the period setting that builds comparatively well-off society and compose to build socialistic harmony society in the round in our country, many new regulations are extremely rich times characteristic, "Rigid " the characteristic is outstanding, be like: The country brings into compulsory education finance to guarantee range in the round, clear and compulsory education does not receive tuitional, incidental expenses; The government is in ensure equality of children of of the right age accepts obligation to teach this one problem to go up negative first responsibility; Will " executive quality is taught " write law; Will promote " obligation teachs balanced evolution " come down certainly as directional requirement, clear and various government ought to natural resources of reasonable configuration education is waited a moment. These new content reflected society of our country economy to develop to show the characteristic of level already, reflected the inevitable demand that the development of society of our country economy will teach a career to obligation henceforth again, have bright tendency gender, directional.

? ? ? ? Can say, no matter from each particular job, or on legal responsibility, law of new compulsory education emphasizes those who emphasized a government " first responsibility " . If the government reachs his,relevant responsibility person does not fulfill obligation to teach duty lawfully, will assume legal responsibility. This teachs service and school especially to various government is new, higher demand. Accordingly, relearn this law, deep knowledge has carried out the great sense that this law develops to national future, to cadre of various party card better lawfully administration is very necessary. A lot of issue that be in is put in job of education of each district obligation before, the understanding of legal and compulsory property that works to compulsory education with local government mostly is not clear, take seriously insufficient closely related.

? ? ? ? The fundamental sex project that compulsory education is of all kinds education and talent education, its quality discretion not only the health that the issue involves children of millions upon millions teenager grows, more the prospect that concerns the Chinese nation and future. Cadre of various party card should teach a law through learning new obligation, firm establish education preferential, " with ' student ' for this " , the educational concept that teachs according to law, walk on what duty is law to apply lawfully through oneself make model, drive whole society to form the good atmosphere that takes compulsory education, support seriously to fulfill obligation compulsory education, self-consciously to teach responsibility lawfully, those who be law is successful carry out, the healthy evolution that teachs for obligation creates good society environment.
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