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Comment: Not " education " remnant " orgnaization "
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? ? ? ? Henan visits some middle school, it is the middle school of a key of directly under of office of Henan province education, do not be in inside time, establish greatly small 29 kinds collect fees items, violate compasses collect fees amount amounts to 176 million yuan! Collect fees " memorial archway " be " run by the local people " 2 words, be state-owned name school actually " change make " , do alleged " state-owned run by the local people " , this had " the shield that block an arrow " . (On July 20Xinhua net)

? ? ? ? This or school? This is not the school, it is a factory; This or education? This is not education, it is to gain fund, and still gain fund " factory of sweat and toil " , it is rely on many 10 thousand student should try mug to be changed for the school for cost " renown school " fame and those who make money, those who earn is the money earned by hard toil of these student parents! Have 176 million yuan of enter an item in an account 3 years, this " cosmic number " still let a lot of manufacturer sigh oneself really be like,not. This " experimental middle school " , experiment of ground of incisively and vividly the extraordinary function that education makes money, it serves as " educational orgnaization " , came true already successfully " education " with " orgnaization " the function breaks up -- , not " education " , remnant " orgnaization " , and remnant earns money of the function " utilitarian orgnaization " !

? ? ? ? Be in early 1795, poetic banquet straps Germany to proclaim: "Utility is the God with this great period, all influence must serve for it, all intelligent person makes a pledge to do it partisan. " the times in this utility, of the school " collect fees Great Master " people, held successfully " utilitarian orgnaization " , tell us flintily: Alleged education is " last oasis " , already became the illusion of mirage.

? ? ? ? American scholar Daniel Kedumu is in · " why is education useless " in one book, listed 21 crimes of education, what it writes is not Chinese education, but essence of life generalized this kind definitely to do not have " education " remnant " orgnaization " of utilitarian education orgnaization " education " substaintial -- , let us break away from ideal, the heart that lets us becomes coma, make us demoralized, let us be immersed in poverty, the person that let us become pessimism...

? ? ? ? Such educational system, had made configuration of natural resources of high grade education lopsided, let a few schools become high proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade " fist " , make student and parent scramble for sth, must " choose school " regarding as is " education invests " ; And such educational orgnaization, make oneself are become necessarily control " education makes money " master, and let student and its parent become " read be out of pocket " servile. The student is become make money " product " later, it is of course " the more the better " , resemble this middle school, actually enlarge enrols 5 times, the student reachs ten thousand three hundred person, can compares an university, pardonable also hold the post of crack oneself up of school leadership great formerly: "We want to make a middle school teach namely ' aircraft carrier ' . "We want to make a middle school teach namely ' aircraft carrier ' ..
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