[People story] farmer stage Biography "tutor"
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Yesterday morning, the city held in 32 tutoring experience exchange, Zhao Baofeng Daying Town Village, villagers flock together to "specially invited parents to" identity was asked to the podium. His "lecture" students, teachers and the school won the applause of parents attending. A farmer's "speech", why the audience so worked up? Let us with his "speech" to hear his story! ● tutor three coup Let the sheep go to school very hard childhood, eager in the future as college students. Persevering is to catch up with the state canceled the college entrance examination, which did not go to college doors. After the national college entrance examination system recovery, he determined to make the kids go to college to fulfill their college dream. Qi sheep that, for students taught, one can not rely on teachers, parents also have a great responsibility. Taught to children, the eldest son from the army commander on the preschool Qi, the Qi sheep on the development of effective family counseling program. His head is called a coup, "to accompany learning." To supervise the day his son learned to consolidate every night, all the sheep together and let his wife and son when the ratio of students to read and write. Who get good grades, whom he praised. Mother had more than his son, and later his son gradually over the mother. Xiaoshuai military inspired this passion for learning. Another coup flock together tutoring is "communication." Parents and teachers to achieve a common understanding of the purpose of student performance, he often took his son to the school looking for teachers to communicate. Elementary school children twice a week to communicate with the teachers to communicate once a week junior high and high school once a month. So gifted children learn to avoid the bad, healthy growth. The third measure Qi sheep tutoring is "reward." From preschool to grade school son, the beginning of each school he promised to the son of a reward. Do not have the winning conditions are not fulfilled. But the reward is not money or go out to play, to broaden horizons children, an increase of knowledge. One year from the beginning to see light show Pingdingshan, into the park to see animals, the order to Luoyang, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Beijing and other places for sightseeing. So there is a commitment to honor, to his son's thirst for knowledge is growing. In particular, the role of the last capital of the largest shopping. Son visited Beijing University, Tsinghua University, after swear, Beijing will have to enter the university. Qi Shuai Army after graduating high school, admitted to Beijing in China Coal Mine studies, and later enrolled as a graduate. Under the influence of his son, two daughters were also admitted to Beijing's colleges and universities. ● pass on to help neighbors Children taught in the training, while the flock together to help neighbors, the children also study free of charge. To this end, he bought a radio, also subscribes to a number of educational press, handle every day listening to the radio reports, and more channels to collect student information for the villagers to teach the child taught to help. Graduates reported volunteering in particular stages of his house guests often sold-out, consultation phone calls. Qi flock to farming for a living, there is no fixed income, coupled with 3 children for school, not very good economic conditions at home, someone's child could be heard not afford school fees due to the poor, still managed to funding. Before school starts this fall, students in poverty near the Hu Ke Zhang Chuan Chong Pui admitted to the University, the result of parents suffering from serious illness, the family Na Buqi high tuition fees. Hearing brought together 200 sheep, and his wife, a home to the Kushiro Bay. Donations have also funded the community, so Zhang Bei Chuan happily stepped into the university gate. Work pays off. 20 years, helped by the students of the flock together, read the college's more than 100, of which 11 graduate students, and 2 doctoral students. Zhao Qi Village, where the sheep became known for the "Student Village."