6 Mistakes easily spoiled children tutoring
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Now parents in their children spend time, effort and money is no doubt much more than in the past, speaking more than Democratic predecessors, but overall, the children than in the past spoiled, difficult to manage the. The reason is that, now, the emergence of new family lifestyle changes, but the parents did not teach the child to adjust strategy, the other, a variety of parenting books flooding the market, many parents are students moving hard copy, the operation is specious. Therefore, a family education new errors appeared. Myth # 1: a child should be placed in the first place Well point to let the children learn to care for others → In recent years, the status of children in the family growing. Sadly, the more the child in a family-centered, more self-centered kids. Li-Li's mother has deep feelings about the past, eat them every time she is peeling the shrimp to his son to eat, never eat their own, when she casually once a shrimp into his mouth to the time, did not think Li-Li immediately turned his face, cry and kick, but also forced her spit it out! Obviously, such self-centered power as the ability of children in the future is difficult to integrate into the community. Myth # 2: Now the children are very happy Well let the children learn to point to experience the joy → Many people believe that today's children eat well dress well, not to mention more than happy. But happiness is not happiness, only the children know. According to the survey, children in the three cases the most unhappy: First, parents fighting divorce, the children are frightened, confused, and worried about unwanted. Second, no one to play with. Especially the new house, the parents gave their children a lot of restrictions, not allowed to paint the walls, not Bounce the ball on the floor, the bathroom not allowed to play in the water, but can not be led to nonsense companion to the end, many children want to go back to the old house to live. Third, do not want to do. Forced to cajole their parents learn to draw, play the piano, on the various interest groups. Security, communication, self is the reasonable needs of childhood, these needs have not been met, even if a sheltered, rich toys, the children will not feel happy, so happy childhood is to let children off the child's life. The theme of childhood should be happy and carefree, but the children will have little trouble kids. Parents should keep their children's emotional experience, certainly, to encourage him to express emotions, to help him adjust the mood. Myth # 3: food and clothing does not matter, big naturally! Well point to let the children learn self-care → Many parents raise children with emphasis on control, but just be dressed more than a cold, feed a meal until it could run chase, the result is the ability to adapt to survive grow up poor and middle school students shop mattress mattress parents, students read along with a lot of people full-time parents. Parents acting on their behalf is the child deprived of opportunity to practice self-care. In fact, like to wear clothes off, wash feet, finishing school with these simple self-service can let the children work shop and go, parents initially did not want to put up with his agile is not perfect, parents from the demonstration to Shoubashoujiao to not only the hands and mouths , and gradually let go, as long as you adhere to a month for two months, there is no train no power of life. In these respects, adults have a sense of "lazy" some, children may only "be" something, a child is willing to let go, grow up before they put. Myth # 4; try to meet the child's wish Well point to let the children learn to control demand → Many parents are permissive with their children, fear of refusal will hurt their hearts. In fact, the setbacks in life is inevitable. If we aspire to own the things out a table, and then, probably within the next three years to meet the aspirations of the tick, tick which account for 20% of energy, most of us will be satisfied. The reality is that most children desire to be able to more than 75% get it. Many parents are good at to control their material desires, but uncontrolled meet the requirements of the child, but too easy to get things often do not cherish, but also the pleasure derived from them, and this point is the same as children and adults. To make matters worse, the children learn is from doing nothing, high consumption is not come through hard work and sacrifice, but by complaining, blackmail, force them all. Therefore, parents should be good for kids to say no, learn to exercise restraint and take him. An experiment showed that when young beautiful face on the table to grab the chocolate desire to restrain their children grow up to be much higher than the achievements of the children can not be restrained. The problem is many parents say the lack of spot treatment techniques. The typical procedure is this: that good today, before the streets do not buy things, but to the street, facing the temptation to express the child first and then stay after the Sapo, adults feel very humiliated to the yield, of course, to be called out to the mouth or said , not to be repeated or the like to deal with you, it is clear that the threat will never be empty honor. Another couple is handled this way: the child Sapo, a husband and wife discussed and decided to come forward by the mother that you are willing to hang on here to stay here, let's go back, finish turn left, the child does not see the potential, Batui to chase. After dinner, go back, talk to parents and children seriously, let him reflect on today's behavior, and active commitment to the act. Myth 5: Parents housework dry on the line Well let the children point to → take the obligation to work We are parents of a child to take some home, but few people turn to when their parents expect children to help work at home. Survey, national children's average daily working hours were 1.2 hours in the United States, South Korea 0.7 hours, 0.6 hours in France, the UK 0.5 hours, 0.4 hours in Japan, China 0.2 hours, Germany and even 6-year-old children in the household work after written into law . The ultimate goal of home education is to help children become independent from their parents to successfully build their own lives, and household chores and self-confidence is the ability to enhance their way. Such as 3-year-old can end of the bench, hand tools, can be stacked 4 to 5 years old clothes, bed management, 6 years old can clear the table, sorting room, 10-year-old child to take home on a fixed work, and as close table, trash. In short, children are family members, his family should be allowed to fulfill their obligations. Myth # 6: bench tripped you, I hit it! Well point to let the children learn to take responsibility → Bench tripped the child, different countries have different treatment methods, and different ways to treat the child has created a different personality characteristics: Chinese parents are playing off the bench, to appease the child, the child learns to shirk responsibility, complaining to others; United States The parents are "not see", not to intervene, the child learns to climb up and walk, independent; Japan's parents criticize, children learn to take responsibility is to find the cause. In fact, many things that adults are not anxious to stand in front of their own to do things for himself, his responsibility to his subject, such as toys lost, do not rush to buy him, let him bear the consequences of forgetful. What the small partner broke, do not have to pay compensation to him and let him out of pocket money. He would only take the lessons learned from the mistakes, which after repeated nagging than the effect of parents is much better.