Tutors need to consider carefully chosen network of experts for parents to save
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Internet tutoring, by definition is the use of the network of family teaching. Internet tutor in foreign countries is already very mature, but in recent years, the development of China's Internet tutor can be described as each passing day. Tutor, with its rich network of teachers, teaching School hours flexible, inexpensive and by many students and parents close friends. Network lack of standards in the domestic tutor, the lack of supervision, network tutoring industry was mixed, uneven teacher practitioners, educational software also varies. According to my tutor's easy to network the person in charge, certain agencies or Individuals in order to save costs, do exist with the QQ, MSN, Skype Internet communication tools such as alternative educational software. It is understood that the network easy to tutor me in doing this perfect, they only recruit more than 600 brand-name college entrance students, well-known secondary school teachers in teaching teachers. They are provided for each child 2 School hours of free trial, once the parents and the teaching methods approved lecture, lecture is the long-Teacher of teachers, without parental permission, the middle classes will not replace teachers. It is easy to network my tutor introduced the Senate, although the network cost of saving a lot of tutoring, but it will not cost the same as cheap as VOD, video on demand once and for all, popular teaching, tutoring network To do is always one on one personalized instruction, any one class, have to pay the salaries of teachers, and teachers salaries are determined by the quality of teachers, for example: Congress Middle School Teachers and the operational capacity of non-professional teachers is not the same , While the pay is different. So we can hardly imagine now some of the organizations to the teachers of 100 dollars a month is what level. I also tutor in charge of the network easily reminded parents to choose the network tutor, in accordance with the following two principles: 1, do not listen to him say how, we must free trial, you can not see the teacher taught before, but the teacher should give their children for two hours. So parents can know the teacher is good or bad, and Because parents and teachers can not only choose to see what titles to teach well is a good teacher. 2, the end of trial school, determined not to replace teachers, tutoring agencies to prevent substitution. Just follow the above two principles, good, then the teacher's professional skills to a protected and quality of teaching and will have a guarantee. Parents concerned about child achievement is a good thing, but choosing a good body but also parents must be careful Consideration.